Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/30/2019

A Different Grace To Effect Change

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I had a powerful prophetic dream entitled, a “Different Assignment.” In the dream, I kept hearing different assignment, different assignment, repeatedly. Different assignment requires a different grace, a different grace brings a different anointing.

The mediocre, mundane, ministry as usual, life as usual, same old same old, just want to do, this is why he created You, different.

As a little boy, I used to hear, “Ninety-nine and a half just won’t do,” you’ve got to be one hundred percent You.

There are many of you ,the enemy has tried to make you feel plagued, out of sorts, or indifferent, for being different.

Yahweh says, “I don’t call or choose you to fit in, but to effect great change. You will never be up to par, average, or normal, because I made you especially extreme. Please don’t be stressed, depressed, or anguished because your anointing, life, or ministry doesn’t look like someone else’s.”

Sometimes, people become stressed in family, ministry, or life in general, trying to be something they see in someone else, trying to raise their family like another family, or comparing their ministry to another ministry.

There will always be a struggle and lack of peace, when you’re trying to be what you see in others or what others desire you to be. However, there is an absence of struggle and great peace, when you’re just being whom Yahweh anointed you to be.

You will rise to the top, when you realize, embrace, and celebrate the uniqueness of the anointing, Yahweh has placed on your life. It’s not that you’re inadequate, or wrong, nor have you failed, you just have a Different Assignment.

You are exclusively brilliant, a rare extraordinaire, and anointed to be different. Celebrate your differences, embrace the call of God on your life, and be true to you, from this day forth! You are anointed to be, “You.”

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  1. Wow, on time Word Amen……from January 2019 God has been showing me that l am unique, yes l am embrace this “Unique Anointing” excepted and received in Jesus Name Yahweh.

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    • Praise the Lord for each one of us is uniquely made in the image of God. Embracing oneself is so important.

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  2. Thank you Apostle Cross for your obedience to God, to post this Prophetic word from God!! I too accept and embrace my “Unique Anointing” from God!! I used to feel I didn’t fit in, even in some Churches; I used to think something was wrong with me because people didn’t like me or I didn’t click with a lot of people in Church. But now I know, I have a unique anointing from God, and there is nothing at all wrong with me!! This word goes with the word my Friend always told me, that God is not going to allow me to connect with just anybody or will He allow them to connect with me!! It can be a lonely walk at times, when it comes to human companionship but I refuse to allow the enemy to get me down!! I allow God to connect me with who He wants me to connect with, and stay focused on Him, deepening my relationship with Him – getting to REALLY KNOW God, my Father!!

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    • Praise God! You are embracing your uniqueness and who you are!


  3. Especially extreme. I love that word! It encourages me! Thank you.

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  4. God grants us favor, But He expects us to do something with it to further the Kingdom.

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    • Yes, God grants us favor. We are change makers!


  5. This is interesting for three reasons:
    1.God made you for something, and it’s not clocking in and clocking out, making somebody else rich. God, you made me unique. There’s something special about me. There’s something that I can do that nobody else can do. So, you’ve got to begin to find your assignment, your purpose. Ask yourself the right questions. Why’d he make me? What makes me happy? Wha tmakes me sad? If I could do one thing and know that I would not fail, what would that be? If I could go out in the world and just begin to make that one decision to do one thing, what would that be?

    That’s my purpose.

    Secondly, once I discover my purpose, I’ve got to progress towards it. The number one cause of Christians not walking into prosperity and into power of the holy spirit is laziness, slothfulness. We sit there and do nothing. We’re more in love with sleep than we are with success. … You’ve got to become passionate about your goals. You’ve got to become obsessed with your goals. You’ve got to progress. You don’t have to have the money. ‘Matter of fact, when God speaks, God wants to know if he can trust you without finances. God wants to know, do you have the faith before finances ever come. Am I willing to take a step forward and progress myself toward my goal. Am I willing to get excited about the vision God has … What steps can I begin to take to get me towards my goal?
    Then I’ve got to have direction. I can’t be running aimlessly, can’t be running full speed ahead and never arriving. I’ve got to have instructions. Many of us don’t like instructions. … 

    Again, mentorship is the key to you going in the right direction. I’ve got to be willing to submit. Oh, my lord. I said the S word. You’ve got to be willing to submit to leadership. There’s somebody God has placed in your life right now that is willing to take you by the hand and guide you out of the predicament — and the mess — you’re in. … To challenge you, to get you to the place where you are walking in the direction that God will have you to go. Beloved, you are greater than just a clock-in-clock-out. There’s more in you than going from paycheck to paycheck and paycheck and never arriving at a place where you can be a blessing to the body of Christ. I have to have a purpose … Once I discover my assignment, I’ve got to start progressing toward that. 

    Movement has to take place. 

    I’ve got to be willing to follow instructions. 





    Make a decision. 

    When you obey the voice of God, you’re going to lose people you love. 

    3. In 2012, God made me a promise that is an assignment I haven’t wanted in a long, lonnnng time. 😶👎😞

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    • It is important to be who Yahweh anointed you to be. You have to embrace yourself, as opposed to trying to be someone else.


      • 😕 I don’t know what happened to some of my comment. I had started by saying your post was interesting for three reasons. The first = Monday, Radio 1000 began playing a Darrell Scott sermon in which Moses was told he should forget about any plans he had for the promised land because he was only going to see a glimpse of it. God had a different assignment for him: death.
        Second, I interviewed people for an article on Monday. To prepare, I had to make room on my voice recorder, so I transcribed a few things. One was that sermon snippet I posted above. I think it’s from Mr. McClendon.
        It’s weird that WordPress clipped so much of that comment.
        Enjoy your day!

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  6. I needed this today!! Thanks!

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  7. Hello there, God is stretching me to take courage and let go and let Him, Jehovah God Do it in me.

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