Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/08/2019

Prayer Of Surrender

by Hazel Straub

Today, Lord, I surrender myself to you alone
Not my will but your will be done with my life
I release my ambitions, selfishness and pride
All of me fully given to you Father God for your use


Your favor will fall like rain upon our surrendered lives, like showers reviving the earth.(Psalm 72:6 TPT)

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  1. I have to pray a prayer like this several times a day. My surrender wanes just as I walk through the world. So I try to keep my eyes refocusing on the king.

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    • Yes! Full surrender to the Lord and to the King of kings with my focus fully on him. Not my will but the Father’s will be done. Surrendering as many times as needed, throughout the day.

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    • Same here. Thanks for the idea of praying it several times a day – definitely trying it out.

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  2. With God’s help and our faith in his redemption we can overcome the dark sides that dwell within us. Thank you, Hazel, for this inspirational post!

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  3. I can relate. This prayer is humbling and showing a submission to the heavenly father. That it’s not by your will but let his will be done.

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    • Yes, fully submitted to our Heavenly Father’s will!


  4. Yes, Lord, my storage is empty and I am available to you.


  5. God bless you. If we surrender to God then his will be done on Earth.

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  6. I surrender to God today and pray for the courage to surrender every day.

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  7. Help me to surrender 100% Yehovah and to trust You and to rely fully on You.

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  8. Amen!


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