Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/09/2018

Prayer And Intimacy With Daddy God

by Hazel Straub

Daddy God wants us to spend time with him and for us to develop a close relationship with him. In prayer and intercession, we draw close to him and can decide and decree a thing and it is established. God’s favor and light on us. We can intercede for the guilty and they will be delivered through us. Pray!!!

You will make your prayer to Him, and He will hear you, and you will pay your vows. You shall also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for you; and the light [of God’s favor] shall shine upon your ways. When they make [you] low, you will say, [There is] a lifting up; and the humble person He lifts up and saves. He will even deliver the one [for whom you intercede] who is not innocent; yes, he will be delivered through the cleanness of your hands. (Job 22:27-30 AMPC)

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  1. Amen

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  2. Thank you for the post reminding us all to pray and intercede. God bless

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    • You are welcome! Prayer and intercession are powerful! Blessings!

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  3. Reblogged this on Ask GOD About It and commented:
    Yes and Amen!!! Heavenly Father, thank You for the intimacy with You that gives us the power to stand in the gap for others to be delivered from bondage. In Jesus’ Anointed, Mighty, and Matchless Name…Amen!!!

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  4. Praying for ourselves and others is an important part of Christian living.

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    • Absolutely true! Praying is a time to seek the face of Daddy God and hear his heart and pray for ourselves and others. We need it so much!

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  5. Amen. We will pray and He will hear us! We will praise Him, and He will hear us! He hears EVERYTHING down to the most inner sighs. Hallelujah!

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    • Yes, Margaret, Daddy God hears it all! He also loves to have time with us so we can enjoy his presence and love! Hazel

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  6. Amen!

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  7. Beeootiful 😊😊😊

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  8. Hallelujah Lord!

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  9. As usual, spot on!

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  10. We all need to for a meaningful relationship with our Heavenly Father! In order to do that we need to talk to him every day! How can we have a real relationship with someone if we don’t talk to them? He wants us to know him because he has exactly what we need! Lord you are so good and so merciful!

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    • Yes, Daddy God wants a relationship. Not only do we need to talk, we need to listen to him. A one way conversation is not developing intimacy. He speaks if we will listen. It also involves reading his love letter, the Bile, to find out more about him. Yes, he is exactly who we need! Faddy God, make me hungry for you!

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