Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/04/2018

Lord God We Worship And Honor You!

by Hazel Straub

Lord God, thank you for the wonderful blessings stored for all who honor and worship you. Dwelling in the secret place with you, brings refreshment, replenishment and rejuvenation. Your presence protects us. Glory to God! We worship you Lord, in spirit and in truth. We honor you for you have done mighty things for us. We lift up your name!

Lord, how wonderful you are!
You have stored up so many good things for us,
like a treasure chest heaped up and spilling over with blessings—
all for those who honor and worship you!
Everybody knows what you can do
for those who turn and hide themselves in you.
So hide all your beloved ones
in the sheltered, secret place before your face.
Overshadow them by your glory-presence.
Keep them from these accusations, the brutal insults of evil men.
Tuck them safely away in the tabernacle where you dwell.
The name of the Lord is blessed and lifted high!
For his marvelous miracle of mercy protected me
when I was overwhelmed by my enemies. (Psalm 31:19-21 TPT)

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  1. Amen!

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  3. The lord is love and he’s wonderful ❤

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  4. I like this version, it paints a very clear picture in my head. I love the hiding place of the Lord. Bless you today, and always Hazel, my friend Cindy is doing well! Thank you for your prayers, Lots of love, L

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    • Yes, The Passion Translation makes it so easy to understand and I really enjoy it. Enjoy the hiding place with the Lord today, Lauren! So good to hear Cindy is doing well. Much love and hugs! H

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  5. Amen!

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  6. Beautiful passage of Psalm 31with a great message to start the week!

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  7. So beautiful!

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  8. Amen!

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  9. Amen

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  10. I just nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! You can see your nomination on my post at:

    God bless you!

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    • Thank you for honoring us with this award. However, we do not participate in awards.

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      • That’s okay. I understand. All glory goes to God all the time for me too! Awards make me feel awkward because my blog is all for Jesus and He is the One doing it. If I get an award, I just give it straight to Jesus and use it as a chance to glorify Him! It’s a great way to be an encouragement to other bloggers and it is an open door for sharing the Gospel. Just wanted to explain my heart on it. Blessings!


      • Thank you for sharing your heart. Blessings!

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  11. Amen!


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