Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/29/2018

At The King’s Table

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I woke up this morning feeling wiped out until, He spoke to me, “I want to bless you.” We had two Monat Soirée’s this week. Oh how I love giving my guests, the experience of a lifetime, the details of delicacy. Pleasing the passion of the palate, while warming the heart of the soul. Tantalizing the expectation of the king or queen in every person. It is all an honor and pleasure for me.

However, this morning, the Father spoke to me and said, “This is My Desire. The way you go to extreme lengths, with no cap of limitation, ecstatic about the details, to bless your guests. Waiting on them, hand and foot, to fulfill their heart’s desire. This comes from Me, son, and this is the way I am about you, (My Children—My Guests of Honor). I delight in you. I want to bless you. It’s My heart, to bless you. I want you to enjoy the delicacies of the King. I’m eagerly waiting for you, to give Me permission, to bless you. I’m waiting for you to ask Me. Delight yourself in Me, allowing Me to mold and shape you after my will, and I will give you the desires of your heart. I Am excited about every detail of your life. I dance at the Prosperity of you. I’m so zany about you, I want to bless you with what I think is Big! Won’t you sit down, at the most exquisite, luxurious, and wealthy banquet table, I’ve prepared for you? On a mountain height, in sight of the baffled foe, who looks on in harmless spite. Won’t you drink from the more than abundant cup of blessing  be merry, the whole new year-long? I have furnished you with plenty, a variety of provisions, and comforts.

I ordained you to feast at My Table, while I, Jehovah Nissi, your Banner of Victory, fight on your behalf. So live, and be lighthearted. Enjoy the successful life I planned for you, at My expense. Enjoy the best of the best, never minding the toil. For when I set the table, I set everything in order. I arrange everything for your good.

Your cup runs over, you have the plentiful portion. I restore and invigorate, your fainting soul…at the table, in My Presence,

Your Most Hospitable Host

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  1. Amen!!!! Let’s sit in the presence of royalty! Our King is ROYAL!!! ♔


  2. Oh praise God! Who quenches and satisfies our appetites, needs and desires with His abundance and love! Thank You our Father God, in Jesus, Amen.


  3. You rock BOULDERS! 😊

    Reblogging this to my sister site, Success Inspirers World


  4. To feast at the table of the Lord is a beatiful vision. I love it. My pastor preached on “The Table is Set”. A feast around the table of the Lord is wonderfully set.


  5. To feast at the table of the Lord is a beautiful thing. My pastor preached on “The Table is Set”. I love it, to feast at the Table of the Lord is wonderful to see.


  6. wow, exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or think!


  7. What a gift, I can’t fathom such love. Fill me dear Lord, and may I all the more run after you!


  8. We serve a big God


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