Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/22/2017

Decree Of Dying To My Flesh

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I’m dying to myself. I’m dying to pride. I’m dying to the past. I’m dying to the enemy’s lies. I’m dying to the corrosion of shame. I’m dying to the harassment of fear. I’m dying to the bereavement of pain. I’m dying to the world’s influence, in my ear. I’m dying to the seduction, of self-inadequacy. I’m dying to the opinions of my flesh and others.

I’m dying to the mundane and living passively. BECAUSE I DIE, TO LIVE, TO LIVE FOREVER, with CHRIST!

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  1. Powerful


  2. Amen! May we all do the same!


  3. Amen Lord Jesus, help me become less that You may become more!


  4. I see that second shovel it feels prophetic who is operating that second shovel? Are we co-laboring with Christ? Let it be so in all things. Let it be said we are co-laborers in Christ for all His purposes to reign.
    As our self is buried His purposes rise!!!


  5. Amen, brother!!


  6. Yes and Amen!!!


  7. Ohhhhh Yessssss!!!! 🙏💯✨🙌

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    • Dying to the flesh, yes!

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      • Yesssssssssss!!! Daily its a battle daily but I will win cuz Jesus is with me till the end of this age in Jesus Name!!!


      • Hallelujah!

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  8. I agree our old self must die so that we can walk in the Spirit instead. Love this thanks


  9. This is so amazing and is a strong and powerful message! I really felt it within my own spirit as well. Awesome words. 🙂


  10. Hallelujah

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