Posted by: Pure Glory | 08/21/2017

Prophetic Eclipse 2017

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Prophetic ECLIPSE, GOD awakened me from my sleep with this.

God is changing things, from the way we’ve always known him, and what we have always deemed, was the right way of doing things.

He says, “Behold, look again, for I am going to show you a new way, a more excellent way. Yes, I am going to shift your thinking to that of Heaven and you will see and understand some things you have not understood or fully understood. I am going to show you what is right, in My Righteous Eyes. I am going to teach you how to walk with the King, as a king.

“I am going to fund you and all that you do in My Kingdom, if you will totally rely on Me, as your UNLIMITED SOURCE, for UNLIMITED SUPPLY. I will open doors, that no man can deny. I will cause you to connect with some connections, you couldn’t do (on your own), otherwise. I am even changing things in the government.”

“Citizens of the Most High God, you do not live by the government of man, but the government of God. You are not limited to the courts of men, but to the Highest Court of heaven. You are not in the majority with the kingdoms of this world, but in the majority in the KINGDOM OF GOD! So lift up your heads, raise your voices, and release the sounds of heaven. Lift your voice, like a shofar in Zion! For as you roar, I roar with you. As you sing, I will sing with you, and as you go, I will go before you. I am changing things for your good, I am changing things for your betterment.”

“This is a clarion call, to the watchmen, the intercessors, who stand on the wall. Cry! Cry out to ME! CRY! CRY! CRY! War! War down with ME! WAR! WAR! WAR! While you are crying and warring, the walls of divination, division, broken covenants, and spiritual racism, will be brought down to nothing. When you cry, when you war, I will tear down and destroy, what he has tried to build between MY PEOPLE. I see a vision of people pushing down the wall, and it is moving now. They are pushing open the gates, storming through the gates, with songs of GREAT VICTORY AND GREAT DELIVERANCE! Singing, “We have overcome by the BLOOD of the Lamb, the words of our testimonies, and have not loved our lives to death.” (Revelation 12:11) Yes, they triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”

“Look to Me, cease from looking to men. When you look to men, you limit your supply, and your intake. However, when you look to Me, you have UNLIMITED SUPPLY, and more than enough intake. Raise your faith, lift your eyes, toward Heaven. All your help, all you need, it all comes from Me. The quicker you look to Me, the quicker things in your life, will look differently.”

“I am not poor. I am not weak. There is no scarcity or shortage in heaven. There is no GLOBAL WARMING in heaven. There is no economical crisis in heaven. None of these things are My name, nor my character, so why would My people associate or identify themselves as such?”

“I AM, that I AM, the GREAT I AM. I am EL SHADDAI, the God who supplies more than enough, the MANY BREASTED ONE, your ALL SUFFICIENCY. I am YAHWEH, the God of covenant, the One who does not break covenant, the One who always keeps his promises. I am causing Heaven to touch earth, invade earth, and change earth. I am covering the earth with My Glory and the Sound of Heaven. I have given you MY DOMINION, MY POWER, AND MY AUTHORITY, TO RULE AND REIGN IN THE EARTH! The earth is your domain, let the redeemed of the Lord say so. Open your MOUTH, Decree My Heart, and Heaven will back what you say!”

“I promised you, and I always fulfill, what I promise. I will deliver you, if you will allow Me to. But first, you must decide in your heart, if you really want to be delivered. Then if you do, Look to Me. I will deliver you and make you free. I, God am changing things, even you, and even me.”

“Break your will for My will. Exchange your heart for My Heart. For I am God, and I am changing things now!”

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  1. Hallelujah! Praise God!

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  2. I agree. Thank you Father. I love you Lord.

    This is the TRUTH. God has said to me the same. Have your way Lord.

    May you remain in our Father’s will no matter what. HALLELUJAH.

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    • Praise God that is is still involved in our lives!


  3. Thank you for sharing this message. We serve a good God! Alleluia!


    • God is excellent! He loves us so much!


  4. Prophetic encouragement for this time. A RIGHT NOW WORD to Believers.

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  5. This one is so inspired! I receive this! It is what I was praying this morning on my walk. That we would begin to see things from the Heavenly perspective.

    “Behold, look again, for I am going to show you a new way, a more excellent way. Yes, I am going to shift your thinking to that of Heaven and you will see and understand some things you have not understood or fully understood. I am going to show you what is right, in My Righteous Eyes. I am going to teach you how to walk with the King, as a king.”

    For lack of a better term, it’s what I would call “Here on Earth as it is in Heaven sight”. Does that make sense.

    We are so used to – conditioned – see our world from a worldly perspective that it is hard to reconcile any other perspective. But, the Lord’s Prayer points us in that direction.

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    • Yes, as it is in heaven, it will be on earth. In all our ways–sight and life.


  6. Amen


  7. How beautiful!!❤

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  8. Powerful! Thanks for sharing. God is indeed in control and all His ways are good.
    I agree, He’s giving clarity, assurance and power to overcome to all who seek Him. ‘Seek first the kingdom of God..’ Praise His holy name. Shalom.

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    • You are welcome! God has moved us into a new realm. Shalom, shalom!


  9. I love this!! We will have unlimited supply in God!! Amen!! God isn’t bring judgment now at this time but hope to His saints. The judgement will come later. I believe Jesus will come back soon but maybe not in my lifetime. Thanks for writing this. 😀🙂

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    • Yes, we have an unlimited supply in God! You are welcome! Thank you for following Blessings!!!

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  10. Awesome word! Thanks for sharing that prophetic word — so timely!

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  11. Should this message be considered Scripture?


    • No, although it does reference some scripture.


  12. Let your will be done Lord!!


  13. Powerful.


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