Posted by: Pure Glory | 08/08/2017

Care About Yourself

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

When a person becomes livid, with you for telling them to care about themselves, and no longer desires to listen. This person has a spirit of self-worthlessness. The best thing for you to do, is teach them how to care for themselves, by you, caring for “you.”

Pray for their freedom and keep moving forward.



  1. yes, we are given the ability to see what is unlike Christ not to judge, but to lift them up to our Father
    ALL things are possible with God; not all are willing to choose Him back.


  2. Well said👍


  3. Indeed! Thank you Lord! Hallelujah!

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  4. On point with this! AMEN👏

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  5. We must pray, to attract love in our life, and to be better persons every day


    • The love of Jesus changes us from the inside out. We are like sunflowers that turn our faces to the Son of God, who changes us. He loves us even though we are not perfect.

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  6. Self care is important to living your best life.


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