Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/05/2017

Enjoy Exceedingly Abundant Life

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I want to bless my people and love on My people. My heart is to bless and prosper you, even in the midst of adversity, there will be prosperity.

Your anchor holds and grips the government of God, the solid Rock, not the government of men. Behold, I have given great plans concerning you, made great advances, for you, and designed a great inheritance, for you. Walk and live in the freedom, of them. Enjoy my blessing, enjoy my favor, for you are my greatest treasure.

Open, open up, open up to Me, and I will release to you GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS. Plunge into the day with victory, run into the future, with My promises. Dance, in the fortune of heaven’s bounty. Bask, in the sunrays of My Love. Behold, the beauty of My heart for you. Be enthroned, in the care of My grace.

You are seated in heavenly, governing, supernatural places. Therefore, LIVE on top of the world, with My fortune, and move with the Cloud. When you refuse to move, you limit Me, in how far I want to bless you. However, when you move, you unlimit Me to bless you, beyond measure. Miracles in movement. When you move with Me, there will be miracles released, in each movement.

Fear not, for I am not only with you, but I went ahead of you, addressed your future, and it is very, very bright. So take no thought on how it will be done or what you will have to endure. Your destiny is covered and your future is secured. My Destiny is calling you, My Purpose is driving you, and My Spirit will guide you. The past is irrelevant, time will not hinder you, for your times are in My hands.

For behold, I am doing a new thing and a new thing in You. Enjoy the life I tailor-made for you, (Exceedingly, More Abundantly, Advantageous, Highly Beyond Measure, Filled to the Full and Overflowing LIFE)!

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  1. Wow, beautiful words!


    • Enjoy God’s gift of abundant life! You’re welcome!


  2. Amen! I receive it!


  3. I am always moved by your post, and this one is no different!

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  4. So very comforting

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  5. “Fear not, for I am not only with you, but I went ahead of you, addressed your future, and it is very, very bright.” I LOVE THIS PART!!!!


    • God is so good! He really prepares the way for a bright future! Blessings!


  6. Such inspiring words. Such a magnificent waterfall. Such a beautiful garden. It reminds me of the story I wrote several years ago when I was in need of God’s peace during a difficult time. I called it “Soul Spring Magic”, and this garden is very much like the one I pictured in my mind when I wrote it. Thank you for bringing it back to mind.


    • You are welcome! God wants us to enjoy our exceedingly abundant life!

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