Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/22/2017

Focus On God

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Sometimes, there is a negative negotiator, in your head, whom can be silenced, by the Words that Jesus said. Don’t listen to the negativity, when you have God-given creativity. In lieu of focusing on the wrong things, focus on God and your God-given dreams. Although there will always be someone who doesn’t like what you do, there will always be others, who appreciate you.

When circumstances come to try to discourage you, remember that God promised nothing but the best for you. The limits that are in your life, only exist, in your mind. However, Christ, who is in your life, displaces and destroys them, every time. It is really not as hard, as it seems.

God told me to write this to tell you, with Him, you can do anything…

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  1. amen..thank you for this great advice

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  2. Lord Jesus blast through those limitations in my mind I ask that you replace my muddled thinking with your Truth. Desperate for You. Amen

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  3. Your posts are always a breath of fresh air every morning!

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  4. Amen!

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  5. Powerful words, master…


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    • With Christ all is possible!


      • Absolutely. Our identity in Christ knows that miracles our natural and our divine inheritance.

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  6. Thank you and Amen!


  7. Thank you.

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  8. I find that communicating with God frequently throughout the day will encourage me to focus on Him rather than negative thoughts, worries, etc.

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    • Absolutely! He lives inside of us and wants relatiohship on a constant basis with us. He is always speaking to us and we need to pause and listen. Life is so much better, when we realize God is always with us and turns everything for our good. Abundant blessings!


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