Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/01/2017

Look Up With Expectancy!

unknownby Apostle Gabriel Cross

God is your direction, the glory is your rearguard, and heaven has your back. Who can be against you, when Yahweh is for you?

Your future is secure. You are in a fixed fight because the heavyweight champion of Love, has already won, for you, over 2000 years ago. You are called and chosen to enforce in the earth realm, what he has already done! Remain focused on Christ, in you the hope of Glory, and you will be consumed, with glorious happenings.

O what Great Love, the Father has for you! His love is wild, zany, and stubbornly extravagant for you. He is the King of ALL THAT YOU DESIRE AND MORE THAN ENOUGH.

He has stretched the rainbow across the sky to remind you that he is in covenant with you and he will not break his promises to you, not ever, nor let you down. He has a dove cooing over you, messages of love. He has angels encamped about you, guarding, protecting, and waiting to carry out, commands of the word from your mouth.

Look up! Look up! Look up in great expectancy, your dreams are coming true, your 18 wheelers loaded with goods are parking in, your security deposit was paid, by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The wealth of the nations is released to you. He was forsaken, so you could be forgiven. He became poor, so you could be rich. He took all sickness and disease, so you could be healed and whole. He gave his life, so you could live, more abundantly.

He momentarily, left his seat on the right hand of the Father, so you could be seated in heavenly places, eternally. His mission was to destroy the works of the devil, in your life, giving you power over all the power of the enemy.

No man took his life, he willingly gave his life, so that you and I could willingly, superabundantly, and unapologetically, LIVE. LIVE, LIVE! To the glory of God the Father! Lift up your head, and be encouraged, for the King of Glory is here, to fulfill and flood your life with Joy!

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  1. Reblogged this on Fearless and commented:
    Are you living a victorious life? If not, why not?

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  2. Re: “You are in a fixed fight because the heavyweight champion of Love, has already won, for you, over 2000 years ago,” start watching this at 39:10: 🙂 I watched that video last night before bed and woke up to your post.

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  3. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! Wonderful word. I’m grabbing it.

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  4. AMEN😊

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  5. There are so many confirmations in this for me. The really awesome confirmation is the “18 Wheeler loaded” because in the early AM on 3/1/2017 He blessed me with a vision of Semi’s coming toward me filled and I hear the words “Truck Loads Coming.” I asked of what? He says “Provisions.” I asked for who? He said “For You Silly!” Yes, He does have a sense of humor at times. Thank you Lord for confirming our visions, your word and dreams through others. You Lord are an awesome God!

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    • Praise God that he speaks today to each one! Confirmations and much provision. Get ready the provision is almost here!!!


  6. Thank you.

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