Posted by: Pure Glory | 02/05/2017

More Than Enough!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

The heavens have swung open over you. Supernatural favor is overtaking you. You’re not only looking for the blessings but the blessings are looking for you. You are no longer going to where God wants you, you are in the middle of it, now. It’s not going to happen anymore, it’s happening. The things that have hindered and slowed you in the past, will no longer hinder or effect you, in your present or your future.

Things are looking up for you. Bitter days are behind you and better days ahead. You are walking in new shoes of authority. You are taking authority over what has usurped authority over you. Yes, a new golden authority from heaven. GOLD, GOLD, GOLD, heaven is releasing GOLD OVER YOU.

Arise, shine, for your light has come, the GLORY OF THE LORD IS RISEN ON YOU. You are shimmering, glistening, and blinging with delight. Your enemies are blinded by the Light that exudes from you. The lost are rescued and drawn to Christ, by your light. Your wrongs have not defined you nor disqualified you but have educated you and specialized you for grace.

You are living under an open heaven and open face of God. His countenance is upon you. The train of his robe covers you. His wings, hide you from the enemy. Your prayers answered and your seeds went into the ground and died. Now, you are harvesting your crops, with the armies of heaven, on your side.

You are the fearless warrior, conquering the fear of the enemy. You are going to three lavish balls in heaven, LIBERATION, AFFIRMATION, and RESTORATION. Heaven, liberates you, affirms who you are, and restores your life. Your life is worth living, because HE LIVES and lives in you.

You have learned how to be abased, now it’s time to learn how to abound. You’ve learned how to do without, let’s see how you do with MORE THAN ENOUGH. You can’t help but be blessed. It can only work in your favor. God is UNDOING what the enemy has done and OUTDOING what he has tried to do to you.

TIS THE SEASON FOR YOU TO BE blessed. You are ANOINTED FOR THE MIRACULOUS! Your dreams will come to pass and not be aborted. You will not die, with them on the inside, but live and fulfill the balance of your days.

Heaven awaits you, with open doors. I release an anointing upon you, to walk through every door, Yahweh has ordained for you, today. Life, life, life, RESURRECTION POWER and ANOINTING, I RELEASE TO YOU! THE FLOURISHING LIFE OF CHRIST, floods everything in your life, until it overflows with your expected end.

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  1. Amen Amen Amen. You don’t understand how glad I am for this word. I am printing it out.

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    • Praise God! He speaks and gives us just what we need for the day! Thank you for commenting.

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    • Me too!! 🙂

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  2. Thank you, Jesus!

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  3. AlleluYAH!!!

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  4. Yes and Amen! We are in the year of Jubilee!!

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  5. Think you so much I needed that god bless you !

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  6. I love you my dear friend. Your words are full of Grace. I am so honoured to read them on this beautiful day. Thank you thank you thank you. I want to record this in audio and send it to my friends so that they can experience the Grace as I did. They tend not to read anything I send but tend to listen to the audio format if I take the time to read to them. What do you think of this idea my darling friend??

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    • Yes! Read it and note that it is by Apostle Gabriel Cross at the Pure Glory blog at
      Blessings of love!

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  7. Praise our Lord who knows all. Great 👍 post and he has given us more than enough to each and every one, he is so benevolent and merciful. 👍👍👍👍👍👍


  8. THIS is TRUTH! I feel it! Thank you, Lord. This was for me, and I know so many more warriors out there! Thank you, Thank you! Your Love, dear Lord is extraordinary.

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    • Praise God! He gives to us abundantly! Amen!


  9. ‘You have learned how to be abased, now it’s time to learn how to abound’ love this blessed phrase. Thank you, and Amen!

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