Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/15/2016

This Is The Time Of New Blessings!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

This is the time. This is the season. Although, there has been a struggle, mishaps, strong disappointments, and some yet to see results. I am reassuring your faith, in this hour.

I am refurbishing and recovering what you have lost. You will have greater than what you had before. And so much more, to be a blessing, and so much more.

Re, Focus. Refocus, you don’t have to meditate on the negative, when you can meditate on my goodness. You don’t have time to focus on yesterday, when you’re busy thanking me for the new benefits I have loaded for you today. It matters not the mishaps, unfortunates, or the time delay, for you have My favor, abundant increase of favor, My thoughts, and My ways.

I turn your eyes on a new way today, be refreshed, rekindled, totally renewed. For the days behind you are nothing compared, to the days ahead of you.

I see the dark clouds moving out and the cloud of Glory moving in. Look through the windows of heaven and see the great outpouring, there shall be no end. For what I am releasing is no longer coming, it is here! Move now with the cloud, have no fear.

It’s the new blessing of the Lord. What I am releasing, to you, is bigger than a check, for I am opening the door for you. I am replacing the spirit of death, with the Spirit of resurrection life.

You will move in the greater of Heaven’s view, not by human sight. See, that I’ve already conquered your enemies, and your promise is fulfilled. Nothing and no one can stand in the presence of the King or halt his sovereign perfect will.

This is the season, the time of the open door. More than you’ve imagined, or could ask for. God is opening what no man can close. All that he’s done, is more than you know.

Give Him first place to be God in your life. He will withhold no good thing, and turn your waters, into the BEST WINE!

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  1. Amen and amen. I receive healing by faith of all ailment- emotional, physical, financial, etc. I receive abundant grace to stay focused and rooted in The Word. I receive all that heaven has released upon me. I thank you Lord for your mercy and love reaching down to cuddle my heart. Let your kingdom come Oh Lord and your will be done. Have your way Most High God!Be magnified Lord Jesus!
    Thank you so much for this peace Pure Glory!

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  2. This word is totally for me. I receive it wholeheartedly. Bless you.

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  3. Reblogged this on Amorelle – Just Keeping it Real and commented:
    Needed this today. I know someone may need this word too. Have an awesome day in the Lord.

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    • Thank you for the reblog! Abundant overflowing blessings!


  4. Thank you for sharing your walk of faith! Great reminder about living in the present moment which I write about frequently on my blog. With my depression, it is easy for me to fall into regrets about the past or worry about the future. Staying focused in the present, especially in prayer is so important!

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    • e welcome Rick. Have a God kind of day, embracing your present!


  5. I have been doing some heavy contemplating on Psalm 46 and the fact that He is our Warrior! So much comfort in that!

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  6. You have definitely the gift of poetic writing Pure Glory. You also have inspired me. Thank you for sharing and liking my post too.

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    • It is a gift from God. So good to know that it inspired you! You are welcome!

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  7. I receive in the name of Jesus!

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    • Praise God! It’s yours!

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      • I am waiting on the complete manifestation, hopefully it won’t be long. I need a few miracles ASAP. Believe with me!

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      • As you worship God, the provision is there. Believing with you for your miracles!

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      • You are absolutely correct. I need to start worshiping for fervently. I forgot what the presence of God felt like. Thanks for the reminder.

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      • Looking forward to your good report!


  8. Powerful


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