Posted by: Pure Glory | 11/19/2016

In My Father’s House

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Yesterday, while searching for materials and supplies for my home, my mind was suddenly bombarded with decisions, concerns, deadlines, and so forth, I was overwhelmed.

The Holy Spirit began singing to me, “Everything is alright, in your Father’s House.” He repeated the phrase, perpetually, “Everything is alright in your Father’s House.” Then he began to remind me, the house represents His presence, His Glory, our portion, our inheritance.

There is no room for worry, sorrow, depression, debt, lack, fear or any other thing, contrary to the Word, in your Father’s House. Only peace and happiness there. Nothing but Joy there. There’s no need to worry, no need to fret, in God’s House, he has only the best, for you. I began to burst in tears, & began to thank Him.

He said, “EVERYTHING, yes, everything, is alright, NOW IN YOUR FATHER’S HOUSE. You belong to Me, and I am taking care of all you need. In truth, in MY HOUSE, you have MORE THAN YOU NEED. More than you need, beyond what you can believe, in your Father’s HOUSE.

I reminisced the words of this song, as a little child. (Children are not born with fear but taught fear.) Our Father doesn’t desire us to live in fear. This is how he wants us, humble and fearless, in His House, His Glory, His presence. I AM THE FATHER WHO NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!!

We are always welcome, to live, abide, and dwell in The Father’s House, Masterfully designed and tailored for us his chosen children. Leave the earthly father mentality (limited), and embrace your Heavenly Father’s reality (unlimited).

Rest in My Rest. Trust in My Trust. Wait in expectancy of Me. Trust Me. For I anoint and appoint but I never disappoint. I am the Father, who never disappoints his chosen children! Be supernaturally prophetically encouraged today, EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT, now, because you’re in the Father’s House. The Household of Faith. Everything…Selah


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  1. I do love when He puts a song in your heart.

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  2. Thank you for the daily inspiration. This one with the house analogy hits close to home for me….sometimes it is easy for me to lose perspective and remember God is always with me.

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    • Rick, good to know this post spoke to you. May you be surprised by the voice of God, to you today!


  3. I believe it and receive it

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  4. Alright then, I’m all in! 🙂

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  5. I added you to my Facebook page:

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    • Thank you Shattered n Him! Abundant blessings!


  6. Re blogging. A word for the season.

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