Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/09/2016

Living In Yahweh’s Hands

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

If you live LIFE, like it is in the hands, of a person or certain people, you will never be happy, and never be fulfilled.

However, when you live your LIFE with it being in the hands of Yahweh, you will have joy unspeakable and will fulfill your Destiny…Selah

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  1. amen! i found that out the hard way…thankfully, He awakened me to His truth and love…knowing now, all i need is Him is so encouraging (not saying we don’t need others in our lives, but He is #1)
    don’t know what i’d do without Him… 🙂
    blessings for a beautiful day!

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  2. Father, thank you for your unspeakable Joy in the midst of the lies of the enemy! Father, pour your Spirit upon all flesh! Give every orphan-spirited human being visions, dreams and prophesy of Jesus: God is our all-loving Father, the Father of EVERY family on earth AND in heaven (Ephesians 3:14-21) Our royal family Name is LOVE! and when we return to our Father we receive the breadth, length, height and depth of the family pure Love to be filled with all the fulness of God in Christ! May all human beings know and receive their inheritance now and forever and ever! Amen.

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    • Blessings of deep roots in the rich soils of God’s marvelous love through Christ Jesus!

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  3. Psalm 31:15! P t L!!

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    • My times are in your hand. Deliver me from the hand of my enemies, and from those who persecute me. (Psalm 31:15) Hallelujah!


  4. We need to hold dear to this. With all the craziness around us hold onto Yahwah Elohim is the only and the best possible position to be in.

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  5. Hallelujah! I am firmly held in Christ hands, He is the pillar that holds my life. Joy unspeakable is mine by His grace alone. Amen!

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