Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/20/2016

God’s Kingdom Versus Man’s Tradition

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

We can’t afford to stay in the same old wineskin–mindskin of yesterday, it will not hold or advance the new wine of the Holy Spirit, the present truth of God. My heart bleeds this morning; I can’t live in yesterday.

No one after drinking the old wine wants the new, for he says, ‘”the old is better.” The old is rooted in the old systems of man, comfortability and familiarity. The new is rooted in the Kingdom of God, it’s uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

They pour new wine into new wineskins, so that both are preserved. How can we maintain the same comfortable routine, sing the same familiar songs and minister from the same old systems and keep the new? We find more important our song selections, our pre-selected sermons, and what impresses us, versus the fresh wineskin presence of the Lord and what impresses God. Pursue the presence of God and refuse to live in yesterday.

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  1. this is very good.

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  2. Reblogged this on Church Set Free and commented:
    I loved reading this post today by a blogger Friend….
    “Pursue the presence of God and refuse to live in yesterday.”

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  3. Years ago as a Worship minister, I realized the importance of following the leading of the Holy Spirit when choosing worship and praise music, whether older hymns or newer praises. Many of the older hymns do not fit with the changes that our Heavenly Father has made within the hearts of His people; they were for a time, only. There ARE classics though that stand the test of time and their power and message stay fresh no matter the time. New praise and worship songs are the same way. Some of what was awesome and important in the 80’s are almost like the milk of the Word when the church is demanding bread!
    Great article on our moving forward in God!! Thanks to Cate B. for sharing on Church Set Free.
    God bless as you continue to serve the Lord through His people.

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    • It is so important to please the King of kings and to flow with the Holy Spirit! Blessings to you, Roland!

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  4. I love this! I don’t want to live off yesterday’s stale bread. I want fresh encounters with God in His Word and with His people.

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    • Amen! Fresh bread smells and tastes so much better than stale bread!


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