Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/24/2015

Holy Spirit Your Gift

holy-spirit-dove-fire-creationswapby Hazel Straub

A wedding celebration will happen soon. Before the wedding, the bridegroom gives gifts to his beloved, including an engagement ring. Today we celebrate the giving of Holy Spirit, the gift from our bridegroom Yeshua our Messiah. This is the promise for the wedding celebration to come and his transforming love for us.

Yeshua told his disciples, who were his witnesses, to wait in Jerusalem. “So I am sending My Father’s promise to you. Stay in the city until you receive it—until power from heaven comes upon you.  This is what you heard Me teach—that just as John ritually cleansed people with water through baptism, so you will be washed with the Holy Spirit very soon.” (Luke 24:49-50 VOICE)

The disciples (120 of them) followed Yeshua’s instructions and stayed and prayed in a house. Suddenly, there was a sound from heaven, like a rushing wind and flames like fire appeared on each one’s head. Holy Spirit filled, the disciples received purification and transformation. They then went out into the street, where the pilgrims from many nations, who were there to celebrate Pentecost, heard them speak, supernaturally, in their native languages. The disciples spoke about how they had witnessed of the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua. 3,000 turned from their sins and received Yeshua, had water baptism and received the gift of Holy Spirit.

Celebrate your gift of the coming wedding, with Yeshua! Receive Holy Spirit, as a witness of the transforming power and love of your bridegroom, who calls you beloved.

Happy Pentecost!

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  1. Alleluia!! 🙂

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    • Thank you Yeshua for your gift of Holy Spirit!


  2. Reblogged comment from In Love With Words post.
    Sandra Conner says:
    May 24, 2015 at 8:36 am
    Amen and thank you.

    I’m sharing your word on Pentecost this morning with the people at my church. Of course, I will let them know where I got it and encourage those who use the Internet to get connected so that they can get more of those kinds of messages. But it will help them see this experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit in a new light.

    I teach the Word there on a regular basis, and the pastor and I had been praying about a lesson we knew the Lord wanted me to do on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and operating in the nine ministry gifts. I’ve seen that lesson stir faith in people to such an extent that those who never believed they could be used in those gifts began to operate in them freely and powerfully. But I kept feeling led to hold off on it until last Sunday, when I actually laid the foundations of the series. It wasn’t until after I had given the lesson that it hit me about the very next Sunday being Pentecost Sunday.

    So here we are in the middle of a lesson that I believe will set a number of our people free to begin having faith to flow in those gifts for the first time in their lives, and I’m excited to see what all God will be doing in our church this next few weeks. When I saw your word for today, I knew I had to pass it on to those folks who are about to experience a new understanding of Pentecost and its power.


    • Thank you for the reblog! Let new revelation of the Holy Spirit come forth in your gathering of believers today! Happy Pentecost every day!


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