Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/23/2015

Fear Not!

iuby Hazel Straub

Fear not, for I am with you says the Lord. You are my child and I go with you through all your challenges. Although you go through the flame, you will not burn nor smell of smoke. When you go through the flood, you will not drown, for I am with you.

Fear not, for my love covers you like a cloak. My light casts out the darkness and I keep you close. My love carries you safely through the storm and warms you. Nothing can separate you from my love.

Know that you are victorious, my dear child. You will come through this season of trial, full of my glory and on a higher plain. What the enemy meant for evil, will propel you into greater heights. This season is refining you so you can carry more of my glory. Rejoice, for I am with you!

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  1. Amen!


  2. Thank you for your faithfulness. Every morning I awake and check for your posts. Once or twice I didn’t see any on the regular time but later on in the day it came. I don’t always respond with a like or a comment but I am truly grateful for your messages each day. God bless.


    • Your encouraging words are appreciated. It’s great to know the posts are making a difference. 🙂


  3. Amen!! I felt like this was written just for me. Thanks and God bless you!!


    • God loves you more than you know Secret Angel! You are covered in his love. God is covering and watching your back.


      • Awe… thank you so much. I deeply appreciate these words of encouragement as I walk this path the Lord has called me to. The prophetic words that God gives you to share and the Love that you share is a blessing to me and all who follow you. You are truly a blessing to me!! May God bless you exceedingly and abundantly.


      • You’re welcome! Appreciate your positive feedback. 🙂

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