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Deeper Realms Of Yahweh’s Love

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I see the heavens tilting over you. New streams of gold, new realms of favor, new oceans of grace, and the Glory of The Lord, overflowing you. There is an angel of The Lord standing over you now, extending the scepter of Yahweh’s favor. The seal of Yahweh’s approval is on your life, but the ceiling of the world and the cap of religion is broken off your life this day. You are swimming into deeper realms of His Love. You are awakening to new treasures in His heart. You are crossing barriers of “you can’t,” and  running into open fields of grace of “You can.” You are plunging into victory. You are being revived and refined by Fire.

The NEW IS UPON YOU. THE NEW IS UPON YOU. You are no longer limited, you are no longer hindered, and you are no longer lacking because of the Pleasures of the Presence of The Lord. He lifts your heart today. Heaven’s vision and heaven’s perception is replacing man’s vision and perspective.

Love is making us one. Love is making us one. Love is making us one. I take the master-key of David and unlock the gate of Pure Worship over your life today. I loose in you the key that unlocks revelatory realms of pure worship. The Holy Spirit says there are so many ways to worship Him that we haven’t even entered into yet. Be unlocked to pure ways of worship. Be released to sing the NEW SONG of The Lord and the NEW SONG of the Bride.

Heaven is hovering over you, heaven is breaking over you, and the peace of heaven is within you. This is the ground opening, I see the ground opening, to the opening of heaven, and the Kingdom of Yahweh is being enlarged in this hour. The small are becoming big, and the big are becoming small. The least are becoming the most, and the most are becoming the least. There are green fields where they were brown and white harvest of crops where they were green.

You are running up and down the mountains of God’s glory. Goodness and mercy are following close behind you. All is not lost, for everything you think you’ve lost, you have gained so much back and have so much more in store in the Spirit realm. Even when you trusted, and things were poor, and things were stolen, THE GREAT I AM IS OVERWHELMING YOU WITH MORE. THERE IS NO REDUCTION IN HEAVEN, YOU ARE ACTUATED BY THE  ECONOMY OF HEAVEN.

Yes, the weight of my Glory, is the weight of my Love, tendering the people towards Yahweh and towards each other. You have no right to feel insecure or left out because THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYBODY and how can you run out, when you have MORE THAN ENOUGH? I AM YOUR MORE THAN ENOUGH. EL SHADDAI-the GOD OF MORE THAN ENOUGH, IS BROODING OVER YOU LIKE AN EAGLE DOES HER YOUNG.

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  1. Thanks for this word. It is humbling to be a recipient of all you’ve stated here – that’s not a statement of faith as in “I believe this will happen,” but rather whispered with a sense of awe…for it IS happening. This is a year like no other. I never, in my wildest dreams, ever expected the Lord to be so gracious, so present, and to shower His favor on me like He is doing at this time.

    I post this for those who’s hope is giving out, whose faith is thin in spots. What the Lord is doing for me, He longs to do for all. I’m nothing special, and thus deserving. It’s all Him. He loves. He can’t help it.



    • Amazing Love that knows no limits! Tami, your testimony to the NOW of Yahweh’s presence in transform us beyond what we can imagine, is powerful. 🙂


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