Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/08/2013

Prophesy The Resurrection Power

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You can’t work with what you’ve lost, but you can work with what you have left, use it to compel you towards your vision. I need you to SEE yourself progressing, moving forward in a new place and anointing. Take a few moments today, to prophesy over your life like Ezekiel did. (Ezekiel 37)

Prophesy the resurrecting power of Christ to the empty, lifeless, dry bone places in your life today. Prophesy the fresh breath winds of God to what is invisible, or difficult to see, and SEE GOD BRINGING IT TOGETHER! Prophesy over yourself and your city, that you are coming up out of the graves of the past, you are being resurrected by The Lord as a great exceeding army. He is bringing you back to the place of Israel, meaning the place of POWER, PREVAIL, AND STRENGTH, to RULE as Jehovah. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be afraid of you, or your success, but embrace you. YOU ARE GOD’S BEST. YOU ARE GOD’S MASTERPIECE. YOU ARE SUCCESS. SPEAK YOUR VISION, not your problems, DREAM YOUR DREAMS, not your nightmares, and LIVE YOUR VISION, not your past! For I, Jehovah-Jah, (the Lord Most vehement and intense about you) am on your side.

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  1. Tank you I needed this word of encouragement, Ezekiel 37 is the chapter God used to inspire Project R.3.I.G.N.

    God Bless
    R3ign 3.0,


    • Hallelujah! God gives us a timely word to encourage us!
      God;s blessings are yours.


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