Posted by: Pure Glory | 11/13/2013

Father Of Lies

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

The devil, adversary, false accuser of the believer, is the Father of lies. Therefore, every time he speaks, he disguises the truth. When he says you cannot hear the voice of God, he is only confirming that you can. When he says that you are not delivered, he is only confirming that God has delivered you. When he says it’s not going to happen, he is only confirming what God has already done for you.

Usually, what the enemy disguises to you, is God’s truth to you. Don’t let him con you out of what already belongs to you. Don’t entertain or react to the FOOLERY of the ENEMY, you show him your belief in Yahweh’s word, when you don’t…Selah


  1. Thank you this is just what I needed to hear! The enemy has been trying to convince me that God doesn’t even exist & if He does, He doesn’t care about me!! LIAR 😉


    • God is so good for giving us a word in season!


  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Truth at it’s best!


  3. This is out of the box thinking. Let us both not fall into satan’s false and negative statements about ourselves and each other!


    • Our close relationship with Jesus, helps us know the truth. 🙂


  4. The Father of Lies . . . indeed and he has so many fooled! ~ Blessings ~


    • When we are grounded on the solid rock, his light exposes what was hidden in the dark! God blessings to you.


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