Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/01/2013

Breaking Through Chains Of The Past

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I see you at the finish line today in the spirit realm, and instead of it being a ribbon to break at the end of your run, it is a chain of the things that have held you back in the past. I see you by the wind and power of the Holy Spirit, breaking through the chains of the past.

Four words for the devil today, TOO LATE, YOU WON! Admit it, TOO LATE, I WON! Jesus said it is finished, because I already won the race for you, you just have to ENFORCE WHAT I HAVE ALREADY DONE FOR YOU! Four more words for the devil today, HAL, LE, LU, YAH!


  1. Hah love it! 😀


  2. Amen. Love this!!


  3. Singing ‘And can it be’ by Charles Wesley and shouting out the words. . .

    My chains fell off; my heart was free.
    I rose, went forth and followed Thee’


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