Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/05/2013

Idol Worship, Me?

by Hazel Straub

Idol worship is anything you spend more time on other than on God. The primary focus of your thoughts that put God in secondary or last place.  An idol is not only an image but that on which we spend our time, energy and what we think upon.  Consumed with fighting your own battles? When you obsess about yourself–your problems, weaknesses, worry, anxiety, how others look at you, what you believe, obtaining status symbols, or plain “I,” these idols take the place of pure honor and worship of God. Focusing inward and not on God dependence.  Spending more time on sports or other passions but neglecting cultivating your relationship with God? Step out of your comfort zone and seek God with your whole heart and leave all idols behind you.

Lord, Deliver me from blindness, and from myself, as I look to you, my Deliverer. I leave my idols behind and follow you alone. Today, I want to crave only you, God and all you have for me. Give me kingdom of God vision and your perspective. Today, I give you my full worship and obedience. Your praise bursts from my heart and out of my mouth, for your mercy. Praise your name!


  1. funny thing is many times we don’t even realise we idolizing these things our our Lord!


    • Yes, it is so true that we do not realize what we are doing. We get off focus off the Lord and on other things. Forgive us, Lord!


  2. Amen! After reading this, I feel so exposed. We go through 24 hours in one day and easily become consumed with ourselves and things. May our hearts be to turned to Him throughout each day.


    • Yes and amen. The Lord has dealt with me on this very issue. He wants our hearts’ worship focused on him.


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