Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/07/2012

Rise In Faith And Believe Yahweh!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Get up! Rise up! For the glory of the indisputable heavyweight champion of Love has risen upon you and your behalf!

Although the warfare has been great, the glory is even greater. I speak to your spirit man to jump up, leap for joy, rise in new faith and believe the word of Yahweh!

This is the 9th month. Meaning Yahweh is taking you from barrenness to fruitfulness, from sterility to fertility, and from your gift being dormant and stifled, to your gifts being effectively active and making more room for you, this month. The number nine also signifies finality. Yahweh says this is your final hour, your moment of His Glory, your defining moment, your month of completion, your year of prophetic fulfillment, and the end of yourself. The things that were meant to bury you and destroy you will only resurrect the power and authority of Christ within you and propel you into greater glory and deeper dimensions of His Love.

Additionally, nine signifies judgment. Yahweh is releasing his judgment in the earth realm. We release the judgment of Yahweh against the enemies of your soul, addictions, afflictions, spirits of bondage, spirits of abortion, old dimensions and layers of hurt from the past. Be released today. For Yahweh is taking you from obscurity to a deeper maturity, from discord to unity, and from sentences of judgment to miracles of mercy.

Rise, get up, come out, come forth in the name of the Lord. Move. Move from the places and the people of Lodebar (no word, no communication, no pasture, death) the land of nothing, and walk in the places and people of Canaan (royalty, inheritance), the land of plenty.

Yahweh has set you up to be set up! He has set you up to be set up, with more of His Glory, more of his Grace, more of His Power, more of His Wisdom, and more of His Love. Whatever your trial, whatever your test, whatever you are facing, IT CAN ONLY WORK IN YOUR FAVOR! I declare irresistible favor on you, uncontradictable favor, outrageous contagious favor, super abundant favor, God-redundant favor, uninhibited favor, God-inhabited favor, atmospheric favor, God-prolific favor, and the changing and shifting of people mindsets kind of FAVOR. Yahweh has Favor on his mind and he wants you to have Favor on yours! I decree Favorable outcomes, Favorable settlements, and Favorable conditions! Offers you cannot refuse! IT SHALL (from the Supreme Judge in heaven and earth) ONLY WORK IN YOUR FAVOR!

Change your focus. Stop focusing on what’s happening around you and focus on the Greater One within you.

Think it not strange when those who say they’re with you are really not with you. Yahweh is shifting you and shaking the rocks, the dirt, and the besets or the besetters from you that you will come forth, as pure gold and not fool’s gold!

Look away from where you are now and SEE. SEE northward, southward, westward, and eastward, for all the land which you can SEE is yours (permanent possession) and your offspring, as far as you can SEE! Don’t look back except to look back and SEE your enemies drowning in the Red Sea. Look forward with a New Expectancy. Don’t take your “Expectors” off. Your expectancy is tied to the fulfillment of your destiny.

Elevate your mind to go higher in Yahweh TODAY! THIS WEEK! THIS MONTH! Don’t just talk about it, BE ABOUT IT! Worship is only a verb or word of action, when you do it from your heart!

You are valuable, unstoppable, highly anointed, and duly noted for miracles upon miracles. This is your supernatural BIRTH-THROUGH not breakthrough, you’re going to a new dimension not another level. You’re not coming out of Egypt empty-handed but with the gold and the silver! You’re not coming out of this broke but with the spoils of war! Your uncommon tears and frustration have been the water for your uncommon harvest and the breaking of your water, for your spiritual baby(ies) that you are giving birth to.

Get up! Rise! Do it! IT CAN ONLY WORK IN YOUR FAVOR! I break the fear of doing it, the fear of failure, and the fear of success off of you, and I loose the boldness of the Lion of Judah within. Quit thinking of all the reasons why not, start thinking of the reasons why YOU CAN! Yahweh desires to bring your into your OWN, not someone else’s! Though your vision may tarry, IT SHALL COME TO PASS! Admit it: IT CAN ONLY WORK IN MY FAVOR!


  1. This message speaks to me so pointedly, Apostle Cross, and my dad, especially, needs to soak in these words as well. I will definitely pass this on to him today. Thank you.


    • Yahweh is working in your favor! Believe it! You are welcome.


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