Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/17/2012

A Word From I AM

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Lean in, rely on, and trust in me. I AM taking you to a deeper place of trust. I AM requiring action, on that trust. Act out what you believe, in Me!

Know that I AM is working, moving, changing, and rearranging things on your behalf, in your favor, and for your advantage. I AM causing my people to become lords and rulers of their substance, in lieu of their substance ruling them. My people are receiving the best end of the stick and not the worse. Your losses are only measurements, for the greater that’s to come.

I AM taking you from the posterity of Abraham, to the posterity of the greater David. From hopelessness to fulfillment. From sterility to fertility. From barrenness to fruitfulness. I AM turning things from the wicked, to the righteous. Giving my people the wisdom, the boldness, and divine connections to go where they’ve never been and to walk in what they’ve always known.

I AM that I AM and I change not but I do change things and people. Focus not on your human frailties but My ability in you, beyond you; focus not on your weaknesses or struggles, deficits nor wrongs but on Grace and Glory. Grace and Glory. Grace and Glory! Focus on the grace, I’ve placed upon you and the glory I’ve placed within you. New release, new dimensions, new realms of grace and glory! That will awe those that have judged you. Confound the wise that have prejudged you and cause those to fear, who have condemned you…RISE and take your place.


  1. >> “I change not but I do change things and people”
    AMEN! He certainly changed me – and He is still changing me.


  2. I’ve been needing a good talking to like this lately! Thanks for allowing the Lord to use you.


    • Sandra, you are most welcome!


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