Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/27/2012

The Love Of God . . .

by Hazel Straub

The Love Of God . . .

– Surpasses all of men’s love
– Comes into the deep crevices of the heart
– Knows no boundaries and has no limitations
– Gives, forgives, pardons and holds no grudges

– Changes hard, calloused and crusty hearts
– Softens and makes supple hardened lives
– Purifies, heals, delivers and performs miracles
– Makes enemies at peace with each other

– Brings new life, light, laughter, love
– Rejuvenates, renovates, revives, and refreshes
– Caring, compassionate, without other’s merit
– Good, not evil, rejoices in truth, without quitting

– Trusts God always not the circumstances
– Looks for the best and doesn’t keep score of others’ sins
– Doesn’t have a swollen head or strut its stuff
– Never looks back but keeps going and going . . .



  1. Hi Pure Glory, great message, yes indeed the redeemed of Lord will bring Him mighty praise and glory.

    Thank you for accepting the King of Kings Friendship Award and acknowledging we are family we are one in Christ Jesus.

    God bless you greatly as you minister to others in His name.

    Christian Love Anne .


    • Thank you Anne, for your encouragement and acknowledging the King of Kings Friendship Award. Yes, we are all in one family in Christ Jesus.


  2. Thank you for these reminders of the character of God’s love! The magnitude of his love is so incredible.
    – Aimee


    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. We can get lost in God’s love!


  3. Dearest Hazel, I thank you for your words of Wisdom today. I also want to thank you and Apostle Cross and your team for the honor of the nomination of the Versatile Blogger Award! It took me awhile to get it together, but als I am done! I have long wanted one. I thank God for you all and His Divine Connection! Love Sister Elaine


    • Dear Elaine, God is so good and gives us the desires of our heart.:-)


  4. Wow, awesome words 🙂 and so true! May we always remember God and His love in our lives, and may we share that love to others 🙂


    • Yes, Joyce, we are all living testimonies of God’s love!


  5. The love of God – incomprehensible, beyond understanding, but when we EXPERIENCE it, we know the REALITY of it.

    I am thinking of Bev Shea’s song which says that if the skies were made of parchment and every man was a scribe by trade, it wouldn’t be enough to tell of the love of God.

    What an amazing God!


    • So true, meetinginthe clouds!


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