Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/18/2012

Father’s Fierce And Gruesome Love

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

The Father has fierce and gruesome Love for you…

The Love the Father has for you is fierce and gruesome towards your enemies. For Yeshua is the Lion of Judah with ferocious love. God is seriously dealing with your enemies. Making clear, straight, and smooth your path. You don’t have to worry nor fear, your increase is here. I’m doing something in your day that if you were told it, you wouldn’t believe it. What you’ve prayed, decreed, and sought for others, to you I’ve already released it. Manifest, correlate, no more being delayed and dismayed. I hear your heart, I’ve felt your tears, but I shift you this day. Stand strong my son, stand strong my daughter for through all you forbear. I’m showing you my love in showing you, I care. Dismal, small, and covered up it may have seemed. But as for your name, family, and household, I have redeemed. Fresh blooms, fresh flowers, fresh beauty, from heaven I send to you.

I see large Checks, new mail, and new envelopes just for you. All your worship and everything you’ve done for me, I now, multiply back to you, cause you to be free. Free from the restraints and trauma of the past. All that has held you captive this day, you surpass.

The mountains of my Glory (pure presence) are your reins and your slopes. Up the avenues of my heart, my treasury your domain and how you cope. New regional revelation to reform and cause revolution (radical complete change). Apostolic transformation. Apostolic restitution (act of restoring or a condition of being restored). I see you sitting in the King’s chambers, in the King’s chair symbolizing this is by the King’s order. Yes, you are a King and when you speak they will know I have enlarged your border.

More anointing for new direction. More grace for new instruction. I see the oil leaking from your hands. Symbolizing God’s angelic army and heavenly band. For you are God’s woman and you are God’s man.


  1. The picture drew me in (we only have flowers like that an Tulip farms in Australia :-)) but the words held me as I received showers of His anointing … thank you … God is Good


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is good to know that you received showers of anointing from the post.


  2. Awesome! Thank you!


    • You are welcome, Cheryl.


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