Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/13/2022

What Is Heart Worship?

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Pure, Genuine, Authentic, from the heart Worship, for the Yeshua the King. As a worship leader, psalmist, minstrel, and still endeavoring and emerging to worship, I’ve discovered that many times we have failed to give God what he desires.

Oftentimes, we give Yahweh a “Cain offering,” which is giving to God what “you” want to give. However, an “Abel offering,” is giving God what he desires and requires. Our spiritual assignment, as we gather is not to manipulate people’s emotions, pump and prime the audience, or make the people get into the presence of the King. Our agenda is HEAVEN, our assignment is to solely minister to the King of kings, simply be in the presence of the King. Provide an atmosphere that is conducive for the King.

Some of us have become major user-friendly churches but not God friendly habitations. Some of us are more consumed with having many numbers in attendance in lieu of being consumed with Christ, our Hope of Glory. Then we say to The Lord, “Have your way,” but if he begins to move we want to dictate the move or put him on a time constraint. Praise and Worship is entertainment for the audience and not entertaining the audience of One-the King. We are more motivated by the display of someone’s talent, than the pure presence of The Lord.

Lord, I’m sorry for the things I’ve made it, when it’s supposed to be about you. Lord, draw us back to the HEART of WORSHIP…YOU LORD…Selah

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  1. Wow! This message spoke to me today. As a worship leader it’s easy to get wrapped up in how the worship set went, how many people were present today, and so on. Thanks for the reminder to focus on what God wants instead of what makes our service look good.

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  2. Wow. So on point here!

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  3. I agree. True worship is total reverence to God alone ❤️🙏

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    • Yes and amen! Worship to God only! ❤️\o/


  4. Simple childlike gifts to God.


  5. You are on point, Pastor. Thank you for sharing 🙏


  6. Amen!! Help me Jesus to be true to him alone

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    • Yes and amen to worship focused on the Lord Jesus!


  7. Amen! The heart of worship, what the Lord desires. A heart wide open, what is required. Lord, give us a heart, like thine!

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