Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/13/2022

To Those Who Wanted To Give Up But Didn’t

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

This is the season, this is the hour, Yahweh is imploding within you and exploding around you. You are not at your end, nor your last, but Yahweh is beginning a new thing in you and your family. Matters not what you think you don’t have, but who you have. You have MORE THAN ENOUGH! It is impossible to run out, when you have MORE THAN ENOUGH! No run of the mill or status quo but choice harvest of blessings, from heaven for YOU.

Families, relationships, churches, businesses are being restored and released. The hearts of the Fathers are being restored back to the sons and the sons back to the fathers. Jerusalem is being restored and made new!

I heard in the Spirit this week, exponential, residual, perpetual, increase, and overload. Yahweh is breaking heaven open over you. A new level of love you will walk in and experience unexplainable miracles, notable miracles, and uncanny abundant increase of FAVOR! This is not a cliché, this is not a popularity contest, nor hype. Yahweh is breaking over you, your family, and your ministry with great joy, great wealth, great deliverance and great love. Great Things! Great Things for You! It’s happening, it’s changing, it’s working in your FAVOR!

You’ve been waiting, you’ve been praying, you’ve been decreeing, and you’ve been sowing, but THIS IS IT! That’s what all your warfare has been about, Yahweh is not punishing you, he is PLENISHING YOU! (This word is for all those who wanted to give up but didn’t, the Faithful.)

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  1. Reblogged this on thehouseofprayers.


  2. Oh yes! Thank you for your faithfulness.
    I receive this word today. God says “YES” and I respond, “AMEN!”
    To our Almighty Creator and Father, Gracious Lord of lords and Kings of kings, to God be all Glory, Honor and Praise!

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  3. Good timing.


  4. Amen have yet to see!


  5. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you for that magnificent confirmation of the unparalleled, unprecedented, overflowing favor of the Lord falling without measure on the Body of Christ. Psalm 37:declares :

    They will not be disgraced in hard times;
    even in famine, they will have more than enough.

    Amen and Amen!

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    • Hallelujah! God cares for us!!! You are welcome, Dr. J!


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