Posted by: Pure Glory | 06/29/2022

The Healing Hand Of The Lord

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by Apostle Gabriel Cross

God is going deep to heal each one of us. God is dealing with the deep things in your spirit, the hidden things in your belly.

In order to bring out His best in us, through the worse of us, that the excellency of the power be of Him, and not of us. The things we don’t talk about. The things we don’t want to talk about, the things that speak to us when no one else is listening, the things that deal with the core of our very essence…The things we say we are healed from but we still need healing from.

Do not rush or try to dictate the healing hand of the Lord, simply rest, recline, and receive the wholeness from his arms, his heart.

The things that hinder our being, thwart, and retard our growth are being brought forth. Think it not strange the unidentified feelings and emotions that surface and resurface in this season.

Softly and tenderly, the Lion of love, purrs over you with great detail and deep comfort. He loves away your pain, your fear, and lack. Yes, even the things we wrestle with within ourselves. The things we can’t always express, but can always feel. God is going deeply, to heal you…to deepen the cry of our hearts for HIM…Selah

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  1. Thank you for this reminder of our Lord’s great love for us and how He heals deeply until we are truly and completely healed.
    I love cats so I especially love the picture you’ve painted of our loving Lion of Judah… “Softly and tenderly, the Lion of love, purrs over you with great detail and deep comfort. He loves away your pain, your fear, and lack.” There’s nothing quite so soothing to me as a cat’s purr. It truly is healing.
    Bless you.

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  2. My God!!!! Thank you Lord!

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  3. His love is unconditional! We are nothing without Him ! Thanks for sharing so beautiful message 😊

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    • You are welcome! We need the Lord all the time.

      You are welcome!


  4. Beautiful article yes God always tries to heal us from our pain ! Thanks for sharing so beautiful message 😊

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    • Yes, God loves us and healing is available from him. You are welcome! 🌻


  5. Deepen our hearts oh, Lord. Softly and tenderly, deeply take the breadth of our soul, to the deepest places… in You!

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