Posted by: Pure Glory | 06/16/2022

God Resets Your Life

by  Apostle Gabriel Cross

Jehovah Sabaoth just pushed the RESET AND  RESTART button on your life. Regardless to what has been, what you’ve done, or the past, Jehovah is causing help, answers, and resources to appear. He is causing you to come suddenly into your destiny, the time of your life. He is causing the things you need to come suddenly into action and into view.

Although the enemy tried to knock you down, Jehovah is causing you to spring, move, and dart suddenly. You’re arising from a position of lacking power or unable to produce to a place of power. Where the enemy tried to knock you off your block, God just reset things back in His order in your life. RESET, RESTART, TODAY!

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  2. Yes! Lord, I thank You for reset/refresh. Thank You for Your good plan for us!

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  3. Thanks so much for hearing Holy Spirit and passing along this encouraging word. It seems to be the “theme of the day” for me. So much of what I’ve seen today talks about change and moving more intentionally into your destiny. I’m a looking for the Lord’s “suddenlies”! Praise be to the Lord God who creates newness out of nothing! All things are possible with our Father God! Bless you and may you encounter the “suddenlies” you need as well!

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    • Sandy, Yahweh is so awesome! Holy Spirit speaks today. Hallelujah!

      You are welcome! Abundant overflowing blessings to you!


  4. Amen


  5. Thanks for that info. I’m getting medicine for this throat this week. The message given from you just now. That’s what I felt like in the last few days. God is really working hard to save us. A safety net in these situations.

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    • God is for us! Who can prevail against us? By the stripes of Jesus, your throat is healed! Abundant blessings!


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