Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/21/2022

Nothing Can Prevent God . . .

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Nothing and no one can prevent God from doing what he has already made up in his mind to do for You, “including you.”

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  1. Including me. Amen.

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  2. This scripture reminded me of 2 Samuel 7, when the Lord promised King David to build him a dynasty of kings that would be an eternal blessing. It was and still is fulfilled through Jesus Christ, Son of David. It didn’t matter that David sinned afterwards with the whole Bathsheba encounter or the sins of some of his descendants, God remained faithful to the covenant. It was because of divine grace, and that whenHe chooses us for ministry, it is HIs kingdom purposes that matter. If it needed our perfection, nothing would change in the Kingdom of God. Please pray for me, I am dealing with health issues, including pain from a pinched nerve, which is why I am not blogging right now.

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    • Regina, the covenant that God had with David and his descendants is an excellent illustration of the point.

      Father, by the stripes of Jesus, Regina is healed. Pain in her nerve leave in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus that you took all the pain and pinched nerve so she would not have it. Shalom, whole and complete with nothing missing or broken, is her portion, to her body, soul and spirit. Thank you that it is done in the name of Jesus, amen

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  3. Yes yes


  4. Yes!! He is unchanging in His promises to us.

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  5. Oh yeah. Got a wake up call on this last week.
    No matter what I think or feel, He’s always had a plan. He still does!

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    • Amen! God’s plans are much better than ours. He also, knows how to get our attention. Blessings

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