Posted by: Pure Glory | 11/18/2021

Forgiveness Opens The Door To Freedom!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Whether wrong or right, past or present, forgive. When you hold others in your judgment, God will hold you in yours. When you do not extend mercy to others, mercy won’t be extended to you. God says if you do not forgive others he won’t forgive you. Forgiveness closes the door, to many spirits and opens the door, to freedom and healing. Forgive others and forgive yourself, it’s a part of your worship to God.

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  1. Yeah


    • Yes, when we forgive, all the poison goes so we are blessed.


  2. It’s better to let go than to hold it in. ✨💯

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    • Yes, if we hold onto unforgiveness, it is like drinking the poison we intend for someone else.

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  3. When we forgive, does it necessarily mean we have to go back to that relationship? Or can we forgive and choose to release it because it does more damage in our lives than good?

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    • You need to listen to God on this one. If you release the person from the offense, it takes God’s wisdom, on whether you continue the relationship. There have been people that forgave the murderer of their child, led the person to the Lord, and adopted them as their own child. But in some situations if the person continues to harm you and it not safe, then do not resume the relationship. You need to seek wisdom from God and go where you get peace. Forgiveness is all about forgiving one as Christ has forgiven us, no longer rehashing past offenses. But there are some relationships that should not be continued because of the harm done. Use God’s wisdom.

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  4. Thank you, I needed this. Usually I tried to forgive and stay in connection but I realize that when I do, God continues to remind me it’s okay to part and go separate ways because the damage that continues to be done. I believe I allowed myself to stay because of worrying about how they would feel about it versus me letting it go so I could move forward. In this releasing, God is teaching me how to be okay with letting go so He can finish the work not only in my life but in the life of the other person involved as well.

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    • You are welcome, Tassie! God always is speaking to us and we have to listen with an obedient heart. It is okay to let people go. It sounds like God has already been talking to you about this relationship. May you be blessed with the wisdom of God throughout your life!

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  5. Yes. When you forgive, you free yourself.

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