Posted by: Pure Glory | 11/15/2021

What Do You Feed Your Mind?

by Hazel Straub

Faith and fear originates from your mind and thought life.  When you meditate, on what has gone wrong, can go wrong, or might go wrong, there is no peace and or rest. Many find it easier to concentrate, on the negative becoming bitter, developing anxiety, fear, and depression. They have underdeveloped faith, trust and belief in God, due to what they mull over, in their minds. What they think about, comes out of their mouths and how they live.

Think, meditate and speak the Word of God and faith, in God, will get stronger. Agree with the Word of God and speak it over yourself. What we feed our minds, births our actions. If we know a chair will hold us, we sit on it. If we trust God, we will live by faith, no matter what circumstances, we may face. What you feed, will remain.

Don’t be afraid, because I am with you.
Don’t be intimidated; I am your Elohim.
I will strengthen you.
I will help you.
I will support you with my victorious right hand. (Isaiah 41:10 NOG)

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  1. Good words, thank you for sharing them.

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    • You’re welcome. It is so important to to feed our minds the Word of God not the butter things.

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  2. Great truth in this line: “Faith and fear originates from your mind and thought life.” How we think determines how we live–this is why we need the mind of Christ! Great stuff this morning!

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    • Hallelujah! Ye, we need our mind transformed
      By the mind of Christ. Thank you for your comment, Pastor Randy blessings!


  3. Yes, we beat up ourselves with all the thoughts Satan puts in our head, instead of focusing on all the thoughts God puts in our head through His Holy Word.

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    • Life goes so much better when we think on the Word of God. Blessings to you Russ!


  4. True!!

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  5. Love this!

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    • It is so important to feed our minds with the Word of God!


  6. S its correct what we think we talk what we talk we make actions our actions replicates us finally we have faith on GOD it protects us…

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    • Yes, our thinking brings actions. So important to be in the Word of God, receive it, believe it and think on it. This changes our lives!

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  7. Great read! We need to consistently be renewing our minds in the Word!

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  8. “eat” the Word of God through Jesus! as we “drink” of the Holy Spirit! the new River of Water of Life! thank you Jesus for the finished work of the Cross! making what was impossible, possible in Christ and Christ in us! all glory to God!!!

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    • Hallelujah! To the glory of God’s! \o/


  9. I would’ve been messed up after my accident with an 18-wheeler truck but my trust is in The Lord more than my fear and depression. That accident left me with a broken right hip that needed a replacement. I can no longer walk without a cane and cannot do most of the things I was so good at doing BUT God is good because He let me live so I can still be with my only child. God must have thought, ‘It’s not your time yet, dear. You still have plenty of work to do.’ I say, to God be the glory!

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  10. My Native American friend always told me that two wolves follow us – a good one and a bad one. The one I feed the most will always win…

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    • So much better to feed our minds with the Word of God. Everything changes for the best!


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