Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/09/2021

Divorce That Is God Approved?

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Some say God hates divorce, God says, it depends on who you are divorcing. Here are some things you may need to divorce:

The spirit of comparison, measuring yourself to someone else.

The spirit of identity crisis, striving but never being yourself; unhappy with oneself, and having no identity.

The spirit of Saul, the people’s choice, living by the impulse of others.

The spirit of self-mutilation, can’t love your neighbor, as one loves oneself because one hates oneself.

Last but not least, the spirit of isolation, no communication, no relation, no true covenant relationship with another.

One must fall out of agreement with the enemy and come into complete compliance with the Lord. “…and the two became one.” Divorce what the enemy’s saying to you and marry the Lord and become one with his word; you’re the bride, Yeshua is the groom.

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  1. Amen! This is good stuff, brother Gabriel. When I was in sales, my boss used to always say to me, “David, you need to marry your customers.” Of course, he meant I needed to make a 100% commitment to them. Like John the Baptist said of Jesus, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

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    • Brother David, good analogy but we need to divorce these things. Jesus who is our bridegroom must be first in our lives. Have a blessed day!

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      • It appears my analogy wasn’t clear. I compared my commitment to my former customers, when I was in sales, to a total commitment to Christ. I agree with you, brother!

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  2. I just read this the other evening, in Isaiah 54:5 where the Lord is my Husband. And this I know, my Husband adores me!

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  3. Good mesage and analogy brother.
    I blessed by your posts!

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    • Praise Yahweh! Glad to know this post blessed you!


  4. I like the way that this is stated:
    “One must fall out of agreement with the enemy,
    and come into complete compliance with the L-rd.”


  5. When we truly understand who the bridegroom really is… How can we have a more perfect union without ever establishing the 1st covenant. First things first get back to our first true love before we can be a success in the earthly covenant between man and woman.

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    • Yes, it is imperative to get back to our first love with the Lord, our bridegroom!


  6. Very nicely written. Quite a pleasant surprise when I read what the true point was.

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  7. Great catching title and lesson.

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