Posted by: Pure Glory | 06/03/2021

Pray The Impossible!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You can pray the impossible!

You can pray the least likely to happen, and it will happen. You can pray the unworkable and it will work. There is power, when you pray and there is power in what you say.

You can pray the impossible and it will take place. If you’ve done the possible and the possible isn’t working, then it’s time to do the IMPOSSIBLE! All things are possible to them that believe “God.”

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  1. May Yeshua Ha Mashiach richly bless you, your family and your ministry. All Glory to our King Jesus! Michelle w/ husband Reverend David Orts

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    • Thank you, we receive the blessing! Glory to God! Abundant blessings to you and yours, Michelle!


  2. Is it possible to make impossibles possible just through praying ?


    • Believe in God and his Word and pray it! He will do it when you pray in faith.


  3. Praying it like I mean it, because I know He will fulfill His promises!

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  4. Very fantastic!! Yes, if we pray the impossible things would also become possible.. We have to put our believe in God.. if we pray he will listen if he listen the impossible things change into possible.. Amen!

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  5. Amen


  6. Hello. I really needed to hear this today. Trusting God for the impossible is hard but I need to do just that. I am getting ready to release my book that is my journey of healing and forgiveness by the amazing grace of God, after surviving a childhood of abandonment, abuse, neglect and molestation. It is written to help those who are facing the same wounds and brokeness that I carried most of my life. This is God’s story woven in mine and releasing my secrets to the world is a giant step of faith out on the water as Our Lord calls me to publish it. I dont have a list of reviews to get it into the hands of readers but I have numerous prayers offered inside its cover to all who read it. Most books move according to their reviews. I am believing God will spread HIS book wherever He wants it to go. Standing on faith and believing in the impossible. Thanks for reminding me that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST, OUR LORD. I am bringing the food to the banquett. God is bringing the guests. Blessings, VICTORIA

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    • Victoria, nothing is impossible when we trust, believe and pray. God always has provision for the vision he has given you! Abundant blessings!


  7. Amen! The IMPOSSIBLE God, can make all we believe for possible!

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    • Yes, nothing is impossible when we pray and put our trust in God!

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  10. Beautiful words


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