Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/02/2021

Your Mind – Stronghold Of Your Destiny!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Monitor and watch what you dwell your royal mind on. Wherever your mind goes, the rest of you will eventually follow. When you change your mind, you change your course.

In Acts 26:2, the Apostle Paul, told King Agrippa, “I think myself happy…” Well, if you can think yourself depressed, you can definitely think yourself happy. The word think in this text means to lead, to bring, to drive, to account, esteem, to judge of rule over.

What you think about, you bring about. Your mind is royally powerful, because one thought in your mind, could hinder or cause you to fulfill your extravagant destiny. Therefore, we have to monitor or govern what we dwell our royal minds on.

Holy Spirit, lead us into all Truth, bring us into fresh revelation and supernatural governmental wisdom. Esteem us with your glory, your heart, and your character attributes. Judge us with your love. We desire Your thoughts to rule over us. Stimulated and motivated by the Glory of You.

Meditate on this today till you become consumed with, “I have planned your life to be prosperous and peacefully good, to give you a great promising future. Your life has been divinely designed to be ecstatically good, purposely favored, and supernaturally effective. I love you so intimately, that I know where every piece of you has been scattered, and am bringing you together again to make you every whit whole. I always have more freedom to release to you, if you always have more mercy to release to others. My plans and My thoughts towards you are good, to do my good pleasure, to open my great treasure, and to perform my good word towards you, causing you to return to the place I created just for You.

If you stop thinking and speaking about things you don’t desire in your present, they will no longer exist in your future. Your mind is the stronghold of your destiny, or the speed bump towards your past. Be supernaturally validated and fortified to renew and rebuild it with Truth, Virtue, and Perfect Peace, one thought at a time. Give me your mind, and I will give you the world.

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  1. I have been declaring God’s promises over myself and it really has been helping me shift my focus to what He says about me. God bless you richly and abundantly, just like you are doing for us, your readers!

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  2. He truly takes care of His own. ♡

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    • Yes, God does! We need to think on his Word and renew our minds!

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