Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/22/2021

Spring Brings Change

by Hazel Straub

Spring brings the hope of new life, after a long winter, here in Alaska. What appeared to be cold and lifeless, has signs of new life. The daylight increases rapidly and gives off more warmth. and what was frozen for months starts to melt. We had a record snow storm a few weeks ago, then record breaking cold with a low of -27 F. However, this did not last and within 12 hours the temperature rose a total of 67 degrees F. The snow that had remained since October, started melting and birds’ songs were heard. Although snow still remains on the ground, it is leaving and summer is coming! Snow cannot resist the sun shining.

There are times when we look at our circumstances and think the things we find uncomfortable, will never change. However, there is always a time of change. What appears dead in winter begins to show new life. As we turn our eyes to God and express our gratitude, praise and worship, we enjoy his presence. He wants us to trust him, and gives us peace, as our imagination is filled with his love and goodness to us, throughout all the seasons. No matter what our circumstances, he is always with us, loves and cares for us. His love never fails, it melts frozen hearts, no matter the season!

Perfect, absolute peace surrounds those
whose imaginations are consumed with you;
they confidently trust in you.
(Isaiah 26:3 TPT)

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  1. Amen! I didn’t know you were in Alaska. That’s cool. My wife is from Anchorage. We actually lived there through the winter of 2013 too. Her Dad lived there for over 30 years and just moved from Anchorage a few months ago. Beautiful in the summer and such great fishing. Her Dad had a cabin down in Homer. The halibut fishing was amazing. Loved fishing for Kings on the Deshka River too. Those were great summer trips. Enjoy the spring. Those winters sure are long! God bless!

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    • Yes, in Fairbanks. Alaska is a wonderful place to live but the winters are long. Love the longer days of daylight and enjoying the great outdoors. I am sure you enjoyed your winter in Anchorage and the summer fishing trips. God bless you!

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  2. What hope! I’m so thankful for the warmth of God’s love for me that He shows me every single day. This is a beautiful word picture of God’s love. Blessings!

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    • Thank you, Patty. God’s love changes everything! Blessings of abundant love!

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  3. What a beautiful, encouraging post!! Praise God!😃♥️

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  4. Very encouraging post! Liked it. Amen!

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  5. Our God is a God of time and season. He makes everything beautiful in its time. Beautiful post!

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