Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/02/2021

Worship Is Your Warfare!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You can break and halt all that is trying to come against you with your WORSHIP, your Praise, and the Word of breakthrough that is in your mouth. There is nothing more powerful than the POWER OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD IN YOU!

Worship is your warfare! Your praise defeats the enemy! God is your Battle-Axe and Banner of Victory! Pierce the atmosphere with your WORSHIP. Silence your avenger with your Worship, and cause his hands to be stilled, with your Worship of the King! Every moment you WORSHIP, the Lion of Judah ROARS IN YOUR DEFENSE! When you Worship, Yahweh sets an ambush in the camp of your enemies, and they defeat themselves instead of you, when you Worship!

Open your mouth in the presence of The Lord, and the POWER OF HIS PRESENCE SHALL PENETRATE YOUR HEART, PERMEATE YOUR AFFAIRS, AND MELT YOUR MOUNTAINS LIKE WAX, TODAY. Nothing and no one can stand before the PRESENCE OF THE KING, in you. I love you, because his PRESENCE empowers me to…Selah

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  1. Amen worship is our warfare. In the pity of the valley of the unknown I worship our Lord

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  3. Powerful, our Worship to Him who is worthy to receive all honor, glory and praise.
    I cannot tell you how your admonishment and encouragement have lifted my soul to the One who rescues. Amen and thanks!

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    • Glory to God who loves us so! Praise the Lord! You are welcome!


  4. Amen there is nothing more powerful than the living word of God!!!!! Blessings.

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    • All honor and glory to God, who is our salvation and Father! Blessings of worship to the King of kings our God.

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  5. To my mind, you offer an absolutely unique Divine service on this site, not neglecting the darkest nor yet the brightest motes of creation. This poet is regularly and greatly strengthened and uplifted by your gracious, powerful and inspiring words. Thank you from all of us. 🤗

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  6. A wonderfully powerful message that I needed and was meant to hear at this time.

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    • Wonderful, Rebecca! So good to know that this message ministered to you. Abundant blessings!

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  7. Once enjoyed a vision during a worship conference that worship is armor of light. It was a powerful recognition that has never left me. So, warfare, preparation, and protection; all embodied in worship. Always amazed to the degree that we benefit when we worship God!

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    • Jon, thanks for sharing. Worship of God always brings his presence and all that is good. Powerful!

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  8. The atmosphere of worship Is the atmosphere of signs and wonders. Wonderful post!


  9. Nice.. Glory to God


  10. Amen.


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