Posted by: Pure Glory | 02/24/2021

Relationship Troubles?

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I asked Yahweh, “Why do we have so many unresolved issues in marriages and relationships?”

He responded, “Quit rehashing the problems or you will become one with the problem. When you constantly rehearse the issues, you become married to the issues, instead of the person. You become one with their issues, instead of becoming one with the person. In lieu of the person being on your mind, passionately and perpetually, the person’s flaws or issues are always on your mind.”

“My remedy is forgiveness. Forgiveness is abandoning the offense and embracing in love, ‘The person.’ Meaning let it go, no longer carrying it or keeping it as a pet. Forgiveness causes reviving and healing in the relationship. If you don’t forgive, unforgiveness results in you becoming loyal to the problem and not to the person, which progresses to playing the ‘blame game.’”

“The blame game is laced in the spirit of condemnation. (Matthew 12:37; Luke 6:37; Romans 8:1; 1 John 3:20-23) One usually condemns another person, because one is condemned already in their heart concerning something else. Therefore, when you play the blame game, no one ever wins because no one is fighting to LOVE, only fighting to BLAME, or fighting to be RIGHT. If you prize being right in your relationship, more than the person you are in relationship with, then LOVE will be estranged in your relationship.”

“No one wants to submit to LOVE. You have to submit to LOVE first, before you can submit to each other. Learn to embrace and celebrate your differences. Stop seeing and being bitter towards one another, start seeing and being better for each other. Seek Me for wisdom in how to be a blessing to the one you’re in covenant with. Remember, you cannot change anyone, that is my occupation,” says the Lord.

“Therefore, regardless to the person’s flaws, vice, or issue you have with them, refuse to be in the place where only ‘I, Jehovah,’ am supposed to be in their life. Divorce the past, so you can marry a better future with the person you’re in covenant with. FIGHT TO LOVE, don’t fight to be right”…Selah

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  1. So profound and so true! Excellent advice given here! Now, I pray we all sit up and listen!

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    • Praise Yahweh! He is always speaking and we need to listen and implement what he instructs.


  2. Enjoyed reading this whole post. Just good sound advice all through it. Be Blessed as you walk with Him.

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    • Praise Yahweh! He speaks and when we listen and obey, relationships are healthy. Thank you, Julia. Blessings of healthy relationships!

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  3. Very true. Good word.

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  4. Apt!. We need God’s wisdom in dealing with pur significant other and everyone in our community. 💯

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  5. WOW!! This is good!! Thank You Father for letting us know the problem in our relationships!! But not only in our relationships, in our lives with other things!! For me, it’s pain! I am in pain 24/7/365, from various Military injuries. Therefore, pain is in my face all the time, so that’s what I find myself focusing on! I KNOW and BELIEVE what the Word says, that by Jesus’ stripes I WAS healed and HE took my pain, sicknesses, diseases , infirmities, and EVERYTHING that would EVER come to steal, kill, and destroy from me!! But this pain is persistent; wanting me to focus on it! But the devil is a liar; beginning today, I divorce this pain, and shift my focus to Jesus, my Healer, my Deliver, my Savior, and my All; I am not going to worry about when my healing, and restoration is going to manifest – I will keep my eyes on Jesus!! Thank you Apostle for this teaching! God’s Blessings to you and your family and everyone on this site and their families!!

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    • Praise God who gives us his wisdom for relationships, pain, sickness, and all aspects of life! Jesus is worthy of all our attention and focus, Dr. Hooks. Thank you! Overflowing blessings to you and your family.


  6. Wonderful truth!

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  7. “Quit rehashing the problems or you will become one with the problem.”

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  8. Great word

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