Posted by: Pure Glory | 02/18/2021

No Fear Of Giants!

by Hazel Straub

Whatever we spend our time thinking about, grows bigger in our life. If we worry about the problems, they become magnified. However, if we focus on the promises of Yahweh, our covenant keeping God of the present, we will not yield to fear because he is always near and gives us strength.

What problems have become giants in your eyes? Does sickness, crisis, debt, fear, bad reports, mockery, pain, inadequacy, lies, shadows, intimidation, isolation, covid-19, or relationships, rob you of joy? These giants want to silence your voice and have you quit before you really get started. They desire to steal your dreams and your strength, to receive all that belongs to you. They do not want you to know that with Yahweh, you are unstoppable.

Without a vision of victory, you perish. Take courage and fear not, for the Great I AM is with you. He will never leave you or desert you. Speak to the giants in the name of Yahweh, your God, and watch them topple. The bigger the giant, the greater their fall and defeat. Keep your focus on Yahweh, who holds you, and gives you victory. Fear Not!

I drew you to myself from the ends of the earth
    and called you from its farthest corner.
    I say to you:
    ‘You are my servant; I have chosen you.
    I have not rejected you!
Do not yield to fear, for I am always near.
    Never turn your gaze from me, for I am your faithful God.
    I will infuse you with my strength
    and help you in every situation.
    I will hold you firmly with my victorious right hand.’
“All who rage against you will be ashamed and disgraced.
    All who contend with you will perish and disappear. (Isaiah 41:9-11 TPT)

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  1. Thank you for this reminder. I think I have let the ‘giants’ in the land intimidate me and take away my internal liberty. Knowing that our God is greater is a sweet truth I will cling to, Keep on encouraging readers like me.

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    • You are welcome, Linda! So good to know this encouraged you. Blessings of overcoming!

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  2. Thank you for these words! “The bigger the giant, the greater their fall and defeat. Keep your focus on Yahweh, who holds you, and gives you victory. Fear Not!”

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  3. Thanks for this much-needed reminder!❤️

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  4. Thank you for this timely words. Just what I needed to hear!

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