Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/15/2021

Confront And Change

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You can’t conquer what you won’t confront. You can’t change what you won’t acknowledge. You can’t elevate from what you tolerate.

You can’t change any person in your life, but Yahweh gave you the POWER TO CHANGE, WHATEVER YOU DON’T LIKE IN YOUR LIFE. YOU ARE AN AGENT OF CHANGE, EFFECTIVE TODAY!

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  1. So true.

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  2. Agreed. Thank you for the reminder.

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  3. It’s so easy to stay where we’re comfortable, but change is so needful to grow. When we come out from the other side of a difficult situation we are stronger for enduring what we did! Stay strong in Him.

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  4. Absolutely! Face it and fight it.

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    • We all need to confront the issues and change.


  5. What wisdom! Thank you for sharing!

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  7. Amen!


  8. I want to say thank you. I am grateful for the writing I get the chance to read on this blog. It has been instrumental in the journey I have been on this past nearly year. I could have said it sooner which is why I will say it now words have such power and those I read on this page while recovering from my back breaking helped me to stay in my faith.

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    • Hallelujah! Cait, thank you for your encouraging words. It is so good to know how Pure Glory has ministered to you and helped you. Thank you for your heart warming testimony! Love and blessings!

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