Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/17/2020

Repentance–Believe The Word Of Yahweh

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Yahweh, I repent for listening, valuing, and treating everything that social media, news sites, newspapers, Facebook, and the like, as if it is the Truth, the Word, the Final Authority, or has precedence over You, (what You say).

Your Word supersedes it all. Man shall not live by bread alone, but BY EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDS FROM THE MOUTH OF YAHWEH.

I treasure your Word above all. Nothing else matters, everything else is peripheral to your Word, Yahweh.

He answered, “The Scriptures say: Bread alone will not satisfy, but true life is found in every word, which constantly goes forth from God’s mouth.” (Matthew 4:4 TPT)

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  1. Amen! All that’s going on in the media is dangerously distracting. We need to keep our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus.

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    • Yes, when we focus on Yahweh and his word we get the way, the truth, and the life. Nothing and no one else can do this.

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  2. AMEN, brother! When God speaks over a situation the matter is settled.
    The news media is driven by ratings and advertising revenue, not the truth. Social media is controlled by the twin winds of negativity and rumor. Only God can be trusted to act in our best interests 100%. His richest blessings to you and your ministry. 🙏

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    • David, it is so much better to be in Yahweh’s word because it brings truth and life. Thank you for you comment and blessings! Abundant blessings!

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  3. The word of God is for this life and will stand for all eternity,something social media will never do. God Bless your ministry.

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    • Thank you Julia! God’s word is eyernal and brings life! Blessings!

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  4. This is truth! God’s Word is all we need to guide each step in each area of our life. May His Word be our first source in all those areas of life!

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    • Yes! God’s word is living and active, sharper than any 2 edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, joints and marrow and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. It changes our lives when applied. Blessings!

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  5. Food is important but we must not ignore God’s word or else we spiritually starve.

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  6. The word of God is our final and only say!. 🙌

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  7. Amen. May we all understand that and hold fast to it.

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    • Amen! Be in the Word of Yahweh and turn fully to him in repentance.

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  8. If we all hold these truths of standing on God’s word and truth we would be in a better place!!! If the world repents, we’ll see healing!

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    • Yes! It starts with each one repenting and believing the Word of Yahweh!

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  9. The Word of God, Amen ❤️

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    • When we read the word of God and turn back to him in repentance, our lives are changed!

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