Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/15/2020

Beloved Child, The Mountains Disappear

by Hazel Straub

My Dearest Beloved Child,

It concerns you that things did  not happen, in what you consider a timely manner. You worry due to looking at the circumstances, rather than to me, Daddy God. Know that I  cover you and am always with you. I see your frustration and answer your cries for help.

What seems insurmountable to you, is already defeated. The old patterns no longer trip you and cause you to falter. Victory over the enemy of your soul is your portion. My one and only Son, Jesus’ triumph over death, sin, and curses is yours. Trust me, rest in me, and see everything with my perspective. You are free from defeat and the victory of Jesus is your victory.

Enjoy my presence and know that the mountains of difficulty melt like wax in my presence. (“Mountains melt away like wax in a fire when the Lord of all the earth draws near.” Psalm 97:5 TPT)

Love you so much ♥️ and more than you comprehend,
Daddy God

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  2. I love you too, daddy, and your friend Hazel who has a way with words.

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  3. Oh, the Father’s love!

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  4. Beautiful, amen! Blessings!

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    • All glory to Daddy God, who loves 💕 us so much! Thank you! Blessings!

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  5. Our father will not leave us his eyes see us!

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    • Daddy God loves and cares for us. His presence causes the mountains to melt like wax.


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  7. I love you my father because you are always lift me from any problem and let any situation I confront teach me something .

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    • Amen!!! Nothing like the presence of Daddy God!


  8. The mountains become walking paths as the poresence of the Lord goes before us.

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    • Yes! Love the presence of the Lord that makes the mountains, paths to walk on. Great point!

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  9. Mountains melting away like wax… what an image to imagine.

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    • Yes! In the presence of Daddy God, all our problems that seem like mountains, melt like wax in the fire!


  10. So beautiful.


  11. 🙂 Amen


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