Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/05/2020


by Apostle Gabriel Cross

For those of you who are battling, let me expose the witchcraft of the enemy.
Attacks of the past
(The enemy desires to)
To make you think you haven’t changed
Trying to cause you to revert
To prevent us from crying out to God and relying on your own strength

Attacks of what you’ve been delivered from (the enemy desires to)
To make you think you haven’t been delivered
That you won’t ever be delivered
Prevent you from crying out for help or seeking help for deliverance

Attacks of backlash, retaliation
A sudden, forceful backward movement; (the enemy is)
Trying to stop your momentum
Trying to cause doubt fear and unbelief

However, there is a place in the Glory of God called, “Spiritual Immunity,” Where we are in perfect covenant, purely worshiping, close intimacy with The Lord, and his presence makes us insusceptible to the enemy’s attacks, wiles, and schemes.

You’re a wonder-working
Life recovering
Never deserting
Ever changing God

Your Truth brings us into freedom
And Supernatural wisdom

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  1. The truth unveiled. Powerful revelation

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  2. Amen!!


  3. Amen 🙏


  4. Thank God for this. I’ve been burnt out and very weary with all the intense attacks on my life and mind. This strengthened me intensely.

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    • Glory to God! So good to now that this post strengthened you. Abundant blessings!


  5. I thank God that I turn to Him when I am in trouble even when I don’t think He can hear me. “No Retreat, No Surrender” to the enemy. Only surrendering to Jesus.

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    • Yes! All to Jesus I surrender! He is our Helper and Strength.


  6. Spiritual immunity…🙌


  7. The enemy’s biggest tatic is fear and deception above all else. Guard your spirit and your heart against those anything that is not of God and of his light. Peace is in the feet of those fully armored in God’s Word, which is truth, salivation, righteousness, and power.

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  8. Very inspirational.


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