Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/01/2020

Showing Love To Others

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

We have to be led by the Holy Spirit and study to be quiet. Because even though a person may be wrong, it’s not always the Lord for us to correct them in love. Sometimes He just desires us to LOVE THEM WHILE HE DEALS WITH THEIR HEART. Therefore, prompted by the Holy Spirit, we should be silent, so that the individual hears HIS VOICE and not ours.

Love in action, always speaks louder than words…Selah

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  1. Thank you! Love in action speaks louder than words. AMEN.

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    • Yes!! Love shown means so much more than mere words!


  2. So true to be of few words as this is biblical. The still small voice of God most assuredly can only be heard in the most solemn quiet times as in prayer and while meditating on the word. God Bless your ministry.
    Julia Psalm 1:1,2

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    • Praise God! Julia, thank you for your kind words.


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  4. Amen! It can be very hard to do!

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  5. I really like how you laid this out. Am I self justifying my “jumping at an opportunity to correct another” and checking the box for “is it in love” because I’m acting nice and civil when I do it?

    Am I a bit too eager to correct others, and forgetting the advice in 1 John 5:16 that tells us to pray if we see a brother who isn’t “sinning unto death” and trust that God will give them life.

    Some of us may excuse others (or even ourselves) who seem a bit “zealous in the area of correction” as evidencing a five-fold ministry gifts on the prophetic side — where someone is focused on the holiness of God and the need for man to repent. But the prophetic gift is not meant to be a pointing finger that examines, judges and condemns man by their own voice and reason — but they are to speak what God tells them to speak, listening and led by the Holy Spirit.

    So regardless of our role in the body of Christ, we need to listen to the Holy Spirit, not fabricate a new message to the people just because we know what the old message sounded like — we need to insure that He truly is the head and we are not competing for our own seat on the throne.

    Thank you again for this insight. God bless!

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    • You are so welcome! We need to listen and move by the Holy Spirit not our flesh. So good to know this blessed you.

      God is blessing you!

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  6. I am recently learning this in every area of my life. At my age, I would think I would know better, but I am finding that sometimes silence allows the other person to reflect, and hear the Holy Spirit for themselves. A quiet voice is hard to hear if others are talking. Thank you for your post ❤️

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    • You are so welcome, Sandi! Blessings! 💕


  7. Thanks for this post. It is very important to hear directly from the Holy Spirit. Quietness both within and outside is needed to truly receive from the spirit. God bless🌺🙂

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    • Chris, it is so important to quiet oneself and listen to the Holy Spirit. God blessings to you!


  8. A simple reminder. Thank you!

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  9. Wise words. Letting the Spirit convict is more effective than my flawed being trying to correct someone.

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  10. Wow! That’s moving in wisdom and love. Well said. Thank you

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  11. Amen!!


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