Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/09/2020

God Delivers You!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I double encourage you to put God’s name on the line, “Jehovah Sabaoth.” The Lord, Your Strong Deliverer, who always delivers us from, to, or through. He delivers with God kind of results!

Start worshipping and decreeing, “Jehovah Sabaoth is delivering me from all that has or would hinder me, confine me, hurt me, haunt me, limit me, retain me, hold me hostage to the past, imprison me from my future, shut my mouth from articulating my destiny, and capture my heart, mind, and soul from him. Jehovah Sabaoth has broken the chains and delivered me, from me. Jehovah Sabaoth is delivering to me, all that I need on earth, according to his riches in Glory!”

Regardless of what your adversaries say, your response is, “JEHOVAH SABAOTH IS DOING IT FOR ME!”

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  1. What a prophetic word. Indeed Jehovah Sabaoth has done it for me. Thank you Jesus for your confirmation. Glory to God

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  3. Amen. I was praying this today. God bless.

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  4. Still waiting for deliverance 🙏


  5. Jehovah Sabaoth has broken the chains and delivered me, from me.

    Today, I speak and claim the completeness of God’s deliverance.

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  6. and thank you for sharing your revelation.

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  7. Yessss 🙏🏿✨

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  8. Halleluyah. This halleluyah has a Yah in it. The Yah God of the Bible. Thanks for sharing.

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    wonderful is he who saves us!

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