Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/14/2020

Prayer Of Repentance And Surrender


by Hazel Straub

Good Morning Daddy God,

Today, I surrender and let go of all my junk, I’ve carried and hoarded so long in my trunk
Letting go, releasing all my control, fear, doubt, and hype, give full submission of my life
Trusting you fully today and always, relinquishing my whole heart, resting in your embrace
Moving from sin and manipulation, to Holy Spirit’s full manifestation, and a fresh new start

Thank you Daddy God, when I am weak, you are my refuge and pour in your strength
In this time of change, transformed from oppressed, to fresh love and always blessed
Daddy God, you reconcile, reset, renew, refresh, revive, make righteous, now I belong
You’re with me on the battlefield, the giants fall at your name, I sing joyful praise songs

Hallelujah to you, Daddy and to Jesus, your wonderful Son, we desire close relationship
Praise your name, you never forsake or desert but lead, love, forgive, restore, and speak
Your name glorious, and magnificent, you lovingly go with me throughout this entire day
Your presence, protection, love, life, light, to follow as you direct, my honor, and delight!


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  1. Beautiful, inspiring, I bet Daddy God loves your wirship-filled prayers.

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    • Andrea, thank you! Daddy God loves your prayers also!


  2. Wonderful psalm of praise!

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  3. Beautiful❤️

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  4. Amen! Praise God.

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  5. AMEN!! A wonderful prayer!

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  6. AMEN! Yes God! Timely prayer needed for all of us in this time sister. ❤

    "You’re with me on the battlefield, the giants fall at your name, I sing joyful praise songs" YES!!! ❤ God bless and keep you always in His Son Holy name.

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    • Praise God, Sister! He is so good and hears and answers our prayers. We are in a new season!

      God is blessing, you Tammy! You are expanding your tent pegs and the presence of God is with you, through Christ Jesus!

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      • Amen!! Yes He does! Yes we are in Jesus name. ❤

        In JESUS mighty, holy, everlasting, great, precious, righteous, faithful, name sister! YES, YES! YES! I obtain it sis! Thanks a lot for the blessing. Right back at you in GREAT abundance.

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