Posted by: Pure Glory | 11/07/2019

Greatest Harvest Of Blessings

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Do your life a big favor today, completely let go of the old, so you can fully embrace the Glory of the New. You haven’t anymore time or space for the old, because you’re making room for the new of what Jehovah Sabaoth is doing in your life. Jehovah is doing some things in your life, that have never been done before.

You are experiencing the greatest harvest of blessing you have ever harvested in your life. Your limitations and nets of what you’ve believed for are being broken, for I am breaking your nets and changing your status says The Lord. No more will you settle, second guess, and be able to reference what has been, for I am doing more for you, releasing more to you, and causing you to live under an Unlimited Open heaven! There are so many holes in the sky over you, for heaven is dripping with fresh grace, Holy Rain, and Abundance over you.

Truth, new revelation of Truth, My truth is making you Free. Free to make the right choices, no more religious, self, or confinement of the past. You are moving forward leaving the past behind. You are rising up as the shameless warrior, the fearless warrior, worshiping in the new wave of My Glory.

Every altar of Baal, false worship, and witchcraft is destroyed and denounced from your life. There are so many ways to worship, that you haven’t even entered into yet. Enter in, enter in, enter in the fresh wineskin presence of the King. For you are in the place. where the eagles soar and they don’t come down, they just go higher. For I am changing everything as you have known it, to a more intimate knowing in your heart and not just your head. Heart therapy, the Glory is doing heart therapy, bringing us into a more tangible unfeigned love for one another.

Behold, the beauty of the bride in pure unity and wholeness. I loose your tongue today, to articulate the language of the Kingdom, which is the heart of the King Lion of Judah! Give voice to His Voice. Make way for His ways. For the Glory of the King, encumbers our hearts with the encumbers of His heart. You are chambered by the Glory, loosed to fulfill.

Great destiny is upon you, great, great destiny is upon us. divorce the old, marry the New…Selah

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  2. Needed this today. Thanks.

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  3. My Apostle again God is using you, my eyes are open, l am divorcing the Old and getting prepared for Marriage.

    Truly Minister Raquel

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  4. Hallelujah

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  5. Thank you for this. I’m trying really hard to believe the new is upon me. I haven’t been able to see breakthrough financially for a while. It’s beginning to cause me to second-guess everything. Even my faith in God to be honest. Why is fear so strong upon me that I can’t make money to live? I have no clue. But I receive every bit of the new. Just have to get my brain to transform into believing it.

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    • You are welcome! God is faithful and trustworthy.


    • I will encourage you not to be discouraged. Plugged into the covenant of seed and harvest time with your faith inline, and God will open up the window of heaven upon your life


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