Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/28/2019

You Are Not Alone!

by Dr. Erika Knox

Remember u r not “in it” by yourself. God is with u..Sometimes, even THE WAY, God makes is scary..The Miracle God is abt to perform is scary. BUT you went in this one way and will come out differently.

You can’t see around the corner, but God not only made the corner, but knows what’s around the bend and has it under control…For His Glory and For Your Good.

NEVER…….NEVER will I leave you or forsake you Son!

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  1. Then why are so much pain😔


    • God is with you, spend your time praising and worshiping him. We were not promised no pain, but he would be with us and be our strength and refuge. Paul and Silas in Acts 16, we unjustly stripped, beaten, placed in stocks and chains. At midnight they were praising God, although they were in pain. God came down and caused an earthquake. All chains and stocks fell off all the prisoners. The prison doors flew open. The jailer was going to commit suidide and was stopped by Paul who said they were all there. The jailer and his whole housed believed and became Christians. The jailer washed and cared for all of Paul and Silas’ wounds. The magistrates came and let them out of prison, publicly. Paul and Silas had pain but God was with them.

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      • Thanks for clearing my doubt


      • You are welcome!


  2. Yes! Went in one way and coming out another…with God! Glory to God!


  3. So true!


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